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I can understand the injuries to such key players as Posada and A-Rod having a negative affect on the team, but still, there shouldn't be this much drop off.

I was not a fan of Girardi as manager back in the fall. I was told, wait and see, he will do a lot of small ball as well as come in well prepared for every game. I am still waiting and still not seeing much of anything.

Girardi is playing around with the lineup, but a lot of it doesn't make much sense. While I understand wanting to give some guys a rest here and there, it almost seems as if certain pitchers will get the worst shuffle of the deck, and those are the pitchers who struggle the most.

Where are any attempts at stealing a base? Gonzalez on 1st, and he remains parked there. Double plays are becoming far to common against the Yankees.

I don't think Torre was the best manager in baseball, but seeing the lack of things going on with the Yankees, I think he was better than Girardi has been. Girardi has been a lot of fluff but no substance.

West Coast Mike on May 13 at 0:55

The Yanks were in about the same spot last year and ended up in the playoffs. Yeah, I know, the Rays are stronger, the O's are up there, but we all know that when all is said and done, the order will be restored. The Yanks definitely are playing like a .500 team that they are, but it'll change. Old Goat, give Girardi a chance, won't ya. It's May the 12th. Regardless of his moves, it's silly to make judgments this early. Actually, it'd be pointless to make judgments until it's clear whether the Yanks do or do not make the post season, which we won't know for a while. No, it's not fun watching the Yanks play right now, but just relax, whoever writes them off now will look as silly as those who did last year around this time.

West Coast Mike reply to West Coast Mike on May 13 at 1:00

As Waswatching.com pointed out, the Yanks were 18-21 this time last year, so how is it Torre was better than Girardi last year, Old Goat? And how is it that the team record means the manager sucks? There's just so many variables. Makes no sense writing Girardi off just like that.

I'm not writing him off, but I am unhappy with a lot of what I've seen so far. The constant lineup shuffling, and the station-to-station managing particularly.

It's early, the season isn't lost, nor is it fair to say Girardi is a horrible manager. They're still treading water, it'd just be nice to see a spark sometime soon.

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