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He can become a great player in the right situation - a veteran team that knows how to win and takes defense very seriously.

Philly is not the right situation.

The fact that he's horrible on D has nothing to do with his ability, it has to do with the fact that he doesn't try, and he doesn't play for a team that cares. Put him on the Spurs and he's a monster.

You might be right about his performance on the court, I'm just not sure if his off the court stuff can be controlled by the right situation. You'd like to think so.

I don't agree that Philly isn't the right situation to keep him focused on D, however. I think Mo has done a really good job with the young guys stressing defense first.

I was hoping the Pacers would grab him a couple seasons ago. His mental makeup does bother me a little though.

I think our players are so well-behaved, for lack of a better word, that I'm not sure who he could rub off on. Certainly not Thaddeus.

So do you want him? If so, at what price?

i would love to get smith he wuold help solve our shooting problems without hurtingthe transition game in fact hed improve it. I actually think he can play defense but playing in denver with a.i and carmelo as his role models doesnt help much. I disagree with him not being a starter with more playing time he could be a 16 or 17 ppg scorer and I have the condfidence in Mo that he could get him to play D. Do you think anyone would take Willie off of our hands it wouldn't make much sense bringing him in with green. I dont know who would want him unless he was part of a bigger deal.

Green is not going to be easy to move. Maybe the Sixers could throw him into a deal which is moving a lot of cap space to another team. Someone like Cleveland could actually use him, anyone who needs a guy off the bench who can create his own shot, score in spurts, and do not a whole lot else.

I would rather sit on my cap space than get him.

He may not be a bad kid. I agree. He certainly is damaged goods though that I would not want to touch.

All Rookie teams just got announced Thad made the second team. I disagree with the first team Jeff Green made it on the 1st over thad when they ad the same stats and green was on a terrible team.

Thad was robbed, there's a post up right now.

I'm not an NBA salary expert, and I'd rather have Miller, but I suppose I wouldn't be against a Smith signing... then again, character isn't solely a question of your effect on other players, it's also a matter of how coachable you are, and wasn't Karl forced to bench him frequently over bad shot selection?

That was supposed to be in response to your response...

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