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I'd say at least Pavano was talented and other teams really coveted him. When he was healthy he was a fine starter. Igawa does not have that luxury, he literally lacks the talent to pitch in the MLB. I'd say giving that money for someone not even good enough to pitch when healthy is a bigger mistake.

Yeah, that's my feeling as well. Pavano was a bad signing, I mean he wasn't exactly effective when he was on the mound for the Yanks, but you can't predict the injuries or the complete spinelessness.

Igawa was just absolute garbage from day 1 and there's no way any scout should've seen a guy throwing high-eighties fastballs up in the zone and thought, "That guy is worth $46M." Total breakdown.

Left Coast Mike reply to Brian on May 13 at 12:57

The thing about Pavano is there's zero chance he'll win another game for the Yankees. Igawa may still win one, and who knows, maybe by some miracle he'll win two. I'm just saying statistically there's a better chance Igawa will win more games than Pavano for the Yanks, and so all things being equal, that makes him a better investment. That is, not as as worse an investment as Pavano.

That's the debate, though. Is more futile performance worth more than pure absence?

Alex K. reply to Brian on May 13 at 21:56

I agree. I'd rather have no one start than Igawa. Before his last start, my friend said "I think the MLB should spot the Yankees 5 runs for starting him."

And to your "wins" point. Wins are so arbitrary, you can give up 8 runs in 2 innings and win 9-8 if the runs come at the right time. Fact of the matter is that he's going to be a negative effect on the game rather than none. That's a vacuum of team spirit.

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