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Jeff Green? Seriously? You don't have to look at the stats. He wasn't even in the voting for ROY.

Frustrating, certainly, but we have this consolation with us: that looking back 5 years from now, I'll be more than willing to grant Jeff Green his First Team All-Rookie in exchange for Thad being a better all around player.

Oh, and Thornton deserved his spot based on his scoring in the season's second half, but let's be honest here: he was a 24-year old rookie gunning on a piss poor team.

Oh well, I guess Thad can use it for motivation. Kid's gonna be a good one.

Navarro got more votes than Thad. Try to wrap your head around that one. I can't.

I think Jamario Moon deserved it more than Thad, but I think Thad deserved it more than Thornton and Green.

Whatever though. He will be starting on the sophomore team.

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