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West Coast Mike on May 13 at 23:31

JD broke a bat on his first single in the 1st. At least that's what the Rays' talking heads said. Damn, what a pitiful offense.

I thought he did, but it looked like the same bat his next time up. I need visual confirmation to add it to the count. I swear it sounds and looks like he breaks his bat every time he hits the ball.

Tomorrow is a win. I have no reason to think so, but I just know it.

Wearing Jorge's helmet was not enough. Melky should have also borrowed A-Rod's bat.

I actually was able to see Gardner play on Saturday night in Indy as the Yanks farm team was in town....

He looks pretty good. He's pretty quick, plays a good OF, has a strong arm and hits well. Still, since the Yanks can't play him every day it might be in his best interests to keep him down there playing consistently.

I'd actually like to see him playing every day in the Bronx. Put Matsui or Damon at first, DH the other one. Bench Giambi and let Gardner play left. They need life and speed injected into this lineup.

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