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Between jones and smith I think its obviously Smith. I may be the only one but smith would be one of my top 5 choices of free agents this season. We dont have anyone that can really catch fire and carry you offensively now thad will probably end up being that guy and we may get someone else to do it but smith can shoot from anywhere run with us and has the potential to be an allstar if he can get his head right he probably wont reach that level but can be a 16 or 17 ppg guy.

I agree. Smith is a dynamic scorer, not just a gunner from three. He'd fit into the Sixers offense and if you can tone down his shot selection and tame his off-court problems you could very well have a guy who can carry the offense for stretches.

It depends on what we do with Iguodala. If we kept him, I think I'd prefer Smith. But on the other hand, suppose we traded him for a 4 and signed Miller, then a vanilla shooter off the bench like Jones would be a better fit. If you're good enough, there's always room for an extra one-dimensional shooter. The Spurs always have a few and it probably made the difference in most of their Finals runs. But I agree that you don't add one until you've filled out the rest of the team.

Andres reply to Tray on May 15 at 0:07

Totally agree. What's the point of having the best shooter in the league if there isn't a low-post prescence to open up things for him and the rest of the league? We should've looked at the PFs possibilities first, Brian.

When Smith dogs it on defense (you know, only when the other team has the ball), who on this team is going to get in his face? Not Mo, who has never been a disciplinarian. Not either Dre - Miller is too quiet and 'Dala doesn't have the juice yet to pull it off. This is a young team, and it doesn't take much to throw off the chemistry. A starting 2 guard who thinks he's too cool to listen to anyone else would be more than enough...

I agree that Jones doesn't do much besides shoot from distance, but he's got a much better head on his shoulders. He's not a starter but at the right price could be a great fit off the bench.

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