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To go along with #1, don't trade draft picks if you don't have to.

Billy King always traded #1 picks like they were going out of style, and thus for several years the Sixers didn't get the influx of talent that they desperately needed. Clearly the Sixers aren't all the way there yet, and I just fear a scenario where a couple of injuries and a run of bad play gives them the #6 pick in the draft -- but they've already gone ahead and traded it away for a backup center.

For what it's worth, I agree on Miller. I'm hoping the Sixers are able to target a PG in the draft (I'd love it if D.J. Augustin fell to 16, but I don't see it happening).

I see these three #1 picks, Sixers #1 this year, Sixers #1 next year, and Utah's #1 next year as chips to be used only if you need them to land that low-post scorer. If you don't solve that problem w/ the picks, you have to hold on to them (unless you use them to move up this year)

Hey Brian, I couldn't agree more on priority #1. We shouldn't make a rash move. Any move has to be good for this team's long and short term future and should enable us to maintain some sort of cap flexibility (priority #2)

Brian, I know it is still very early but are you going to be coming out with a Draft preview? The lottery is just around the corner and we should be talking about who we should target in the draft as well. I like DJ White out of Indiana, he has some low post scoring ability and if we want to go the PG route, I wouldnt mind getting Mario Chalmers out of Kansas. He shoots well and seems to take smart shots. Also, Miller could groom him his rookie year as he did with Lou this past year. Both guys will definitly be available when we pick.

#'s 1 and 2 are the key. The type of players we need to add are a no brainer, how we acquire them and for what cost, is the tricky part of the job. Patience, like you say, is the key.

In a word Y-E-S. Love the list, love the order.

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