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He's a big risk - if they give him all their money and he continues to be plagued by injuries the team is srewed - but probably a wortwhile one. When healthy he is one of the best, and would be the third best big man in the east behind Dwight and KG. Not sure I understand the sign and trade option, though. If the Clips are over the cap, doesn't that mean we'd have to match salaries? And realistically, doesn't that mean moving Andre Miller? (I guess in theory you could move Sammy too, but not sure they'd take him.) Maybe we could get them to take Willie too...

Which brings us to my dream scenario: grab EB in a sign and and trade that includes Miller, snag Calderon via free agency, and give Iguodala a 1-year to maintain flexibility. Then spend the season finding out whether he can play the 2.

The value doesn't have to be equal on both sides of atrade unless both teams are over the cap. In this case, the Sixers have at least $10M in cap space, so for example they could trade willie Green and Calvin Booth for a player with at least a $15M salary (the $5M they are due + the $10M in cap space)

Honestly, this is how I expect the cap space to be used.

Yes, it would be a big risk to throw all our cap money at him. But if he does stay fit I definitely see us being top 5 in the East.

I think Brand could be the big piece. Add him to this team and then you can start worrying about acquiring or developing the smaller things you need to be a champion.

He would defintiyl be a great fit but I would be a little nervous about signing him to a 5 year deal with that much money involved. He's 29 now but i also think that hes a player that will continue to play at a high level because he doesn't rely soley on athleticism. Id rather have Josh Smith or Okafor but Brand would definitly put us in the elite category in the east.

I like the idea of adding another defensive stopper to the backline, and Okafor and Smith are clearly better defenders, I just think Brand is far and away a better offensive player, and his defense and rebounding are excellent as well. He's a complete player, which is what you need to get for that kind of money.

The Sixers will look into Brand. Ed has said he doesn't want to be a running team long term. He wants a post presence.

I see greener pastures in Miami if I am Brand if Marion opts out. They have arguably better personnel and a likely top 2-3 pick coming in. They have more cap space as well.

I don't see Brand happening. LA and Miami are better cities in general. Better nightlife and warmer weather. Both could add blue chippers in the draft as well.

I don't fear the achilles injury much. I don't fear the injury past. I don't fear the age. I would just fear that Miller, Iggy, Thad, Brand, and Sammy just wouldn't be good enough. I don't see that group as fitting together that well, unless Thad and Iggy really get to shooting some 3 pointers.

I think it's more likely that Brand would opt out than Marion. Brand is going to have teams interested in a long term deal, I'm not sure the same can be said about Marion.

I like Brand. He would add a ton to the team, but if Philly can sign or trade for a nice three point shooter (James Jones, Jason Kapono, or Matt Carroll) to go along with him, then this team becomes the 4th or 5th seed, with a chance to be the 3rd, in a hurry.

Tray reply to The GM on May 20 at 17:55

Exactly. I get the feeling that if we signed Brand, we'd be a 3rd or 4th seed, maybe make a conference finals once or twice, and never really win anything.

It depends. You can't look at any move they make this Summer as the key to a championship. No player of that caliber is going to be available in the draft or through trade or free agency. You have to take steps, moving up to the 3rd or 4th seed next year would be a huge step.

Then you see how Thad develops and you fill in the holes around the roster or make more moves to take the next leap. Brand is only 29, he should be dominant for another 3 years or so, maybe more, if he can stay healthy. Everyone else on the team is young. A lot can happen between now and then.

Tray reply to Brian on May 21 at 0:59

But how much cap room would we have left in the future to make more moves if we signed Brand? I don't know the answer, but I just wonder if it wouldn't make more sense to just sign a shooter or whatever this offseason and wait until future free agent classes with more talent to make the really big splash.

It would all depend. If Iguodala signs a long-term, big-money deal, then we'd probably be looking at mid-level exemptions only for a while. Or, a sign and trade with Andre Miller next offseason to bring in a guy making somewhere around $11M.

If Iguodala signs his qualifying deal, then we'd be looking at a boatload of money next year as well when Miller and Iguodala come off the books.

With just about every other available PF I'd agree with you, but Brand brings a lot to the table and I think adding him would be a huge step forward for this team.

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