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West Coast Mike on May 19 at 3:01

Tis true. Btw, this is pretty much the same team we had last year, so I would think (or, rather, would like to think) we'll end up where we ended up last year, when it comes to the regular season - somehow in the playoffs. Let's just get thru this rough stretch.

I feel like some switch has to be flipped, I just don't know how it's going to happen, or when. This is just ugly baseball we're seeing right now.

At what point did the Yankees flip the switch and start playing last year? Was it just before the All-Star game?

One difference is they don't have Joe Torre to deflect some of the criticism. Last year, Torre's job was considered on the line at this point. No such discussion with Joe G. so the pressure is all on the players.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but cheer up... Moose is on the mound tonight, and this year he's smartened up and realized he's not going to blaze the ball by anyone anymore. (He reminds me of Jamie Moyer).

PS... I miss the letters to the Manager!

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