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Brian -

No need to panic...I think the record is better than last year after 44 games.

That being said, why did Girardi start 5 lefties against Perez the other night...? Lefties are hitting .108 against him (before Matsui jacked one out).

Why have Giambi play first...? He's awful at the plate and in the field. Next time hide his glove.

Joey G doesn't look too smart so far...or is he sending Cashman and the Steinbrenner kids a message...?

You can't fight with one arm behind your back.

Release Giambi. Find veteran pitching. Do it now or send the fans a refund.

Left Coast Mike on May 20 at 16:52

It's actually funny how people kept (and still keep) expecting Arod to save the day. Sure, he'll probably be better than his replacements. But who's to say that'll make the team start winning all of a sudden? It's just not a given as it appears to so many folks out there. I think the team as a whole will start turning the corner now anyway, on its own - they're due. But because it just so happens Arod is back in line-up, it will just underscore the Arod-Messiah sentiment ignoring the coincidence of events. Arod was hitting sub-300 with 4 HRs before DL - will he come back like a Lance Berkman impersonation? Who knows, probably not, but the whole team needs to play better to start winning games. Having Arod in the lineup won't magically flip the switch.

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