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Don't even try pissing on this parade, big guy. We got Roooooooose!!11!

I cant believe the bulls got the first pick but reading chad ford he says that the heat are very open to trading the second pick. I wonder if the sixers could put together a package to get beasley because even though beasley is the better player i think the bulls will go with rose. Do you think a package of miller carney our first and our first next year or utah's pick would get it done? it may take more than that but getting beasley and then throwing a ton of money at calderon would be great. Imagine a lineup of calderon igoudala young beasley and dalembert.

It would probably have to be a salary dump trade, probably with Marion coming to the Sixers. Which would eat up all of our cap space this Summer. But Marion would come off the books next Summer, so they'd have some flexibility. I don't think they could get Calderon for the mid level, though.

Steve reply to Brian on May 21 at 19:41

Yea they would probably want us to take either banks or blount back too. Getting Beasley would be unbelievable though wouldn't it. He fits exactly what we need. If Miami is really shopping the pick Eddy should do whataver possible to get hi,.

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