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Did they put a timeframe on when they expect Joba in the starting lineup?

This could be a Rivera/Wetteland scenario. 7th and 8th of Joba, 9th of Rivera. At least a couple of times until they do something else. Either way, this is very intriguing and will be interesting to watch.

And if you're sitting anywhere near Tier 6 (upper deck behind home plate) let me know and I'll buy you a beer.

Maybe I'm being overly optimistic, but I think Edwar should be the 8th inning guy. Farnsworth has a hard, straight fastball that goes about 500 feet anytime anyone makes contact with it. Edwar, meanwhile, has an incredible "out pitch" in his change-up, and has seemed less eager to rely on his change-up this year. He seems to be throwing more fastballs, setting up the change-up more effectively.

Also, no comment about A-Rod getting robbed of a HR? After three blown HR calls in a single week, I think it's obvious baseball needs some sort of a replay system. However, the stuck-in-the-mud, anti-progressive "traditionalists" will probably fight it tooth and nail.

I love when I hear people say "it will disrupt the flow of the game!!!", like Tim Kurkjian said about it on the radio this morning. What's more disruptive: An umpire taking 15 seconds to look at a replay, or the umpires huddling up for 2 minutes debating the call, followed by the manager coming out of the dugout and arguing for another 5 minutes?

The other argument is "Well, then they will review everything, and the game will take forever!"

No. Make it a challenge system like in football. Manager gets two challenges per game, that he can use on debated foul balls, close plays at first, phantom tags, etc. Plus, you could make all close plays in the 9th inning or later automatic reviews, like the NFL's last-two-minutes-of-the-half rule.

Sorry for the tangent...

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