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No more Willie Green!

and maybe a low-post scorer.

That would be ideal. :)

I'm already looking forward to the draft with slim hopes of trading for beasley. If not my number one choice would be Bill Walker the other K-State star he has a great post game and was projected to be a top 5 pick before his injury. In Chad fords last column he said that walker has regained all of his explosiveness from before the injury. There wont be any great low post scorers at 16 so Walker would be a guy that at worst is a quality player at best his Vince Carter with a mean streak.

I read tonight that Miami wants Mayo. If they trade out of the #2 spot, I don't think they'll drop far if their goal is to get him.

Just give us the championship is this happens! I would love the team this way, but would be a little worried about chemistry and style after adding three starters. Also, in your proposed plan, what did you do with Reggie Evans?

Here is something that would be cool...

If the Ed Synder grew some real balls and made a move to buy the 15th overall pick from the Suns for 5 million or something like that.

That, more than a lot of other moves, would mean a lot to me... a commitment to getting talent into Philadelphia.

That would be fucking awesome, but part 3 seems very unlikely. I can see the Knicks doing that trade, but I guess they'll try to give Marbury another chance to redeem himself.

I think championship teams either need great chemistry and defense (e.g. Pistons) or at least one superstar (e.g. everyone else left in the playoffs). Since there don't seem to be any superstars available (by superstar I mean Kobe, Duncan, Lebron, CP3 level), I think the Sixers should try and keep the core of their team together and also be patient financially until the right superstar comes at the right time. Not that they shouldn't spend any money, in fact I think that they should not be afraid to pay Igoudala since he seems like a good character guy and a good defender who keeps improving. I have mixed feelings about Brand. He's also a good character guy and can be a very solid player. I'd be wary about a big long-term deal though.

In the meantime, I say the Sixers stay disciplined and look for good character guys and also keep an eye on Europe, maybe they can get a steal (like Ginobili who was the 57 pick). I've always liked Trajan Langdon (he was Euroleague Finals MVP this year) but I read that he's happy in Moscow. And I like Kevin Pittsnogle a lot (he's on the Sixers NBDL team).

Maybe we make a run at Lebron in a few years? You said we could dream!!

Heh. I think LeBron is Brooklyn bound when his deal runs out.

Tray reply to Brian on May 23 at 2:55

Maybe he and Jay will have a traumatic breakup and he'll find a new rap mentor in.... Freeway! Seriously, I find the LeBron/Jay relationship a little puzzling.

I find a lot of stuff about LeBron a little puzzling. Seems more motivated to be a business man than a sports legend, to me at least. To each his own, I guess.

Tray reply to Brian on May 23 at 3:40

Maybe he and Jay will have a traumatic breakup and he'll find a new rap mentor in.... Freeway! Seriously, I find the LeBron/Jay relationship a little puzzling.

I have a way better dream scenario
Part 1
To adress the shootong guard needs. The Sixers with their cap room should get Monta Elis. He is a perrenial superstar and a great shooter. We should be able to overpay him because of our cap space.

Part 2
We hope that Elton Brnad opts out of his contract, and we sign him. I'll show you how we get the money in the next step.

Part 3
Probably the biggest part is we sign and trade IGoudala and his big contract to the T-wolves for the #3 pick in the draft. We can offer Iggy, Miller, Green, or even our draft pick. With the third pick we could get Mayo and an electrifying point guard of the future.

2009 lineup would look like:

PG- Mayo/Miller
SG- Ellis/Carney
SF- Young/Carney
PF- Brand/Evans
C- Dalembert/Smith

This would ive us 2 potential superstars (Mayo and Elis) 2 perrenial all-stars (Yiung and Brand) and one above-average center (Sammy). We would have the youngest team in the league with a great future ahead of us. We could easily be in contention for a title with this lineup.

Give me your thoughts, Do you think it will work??

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