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, all the time

Throw a water cooler, or a base, or cover home plate with dirt or something. Kicking your own hat just doesn't do it for me


I'm personally a fan of the dive behind the imaginary bunker and toss the resin bag grenade like that minor league guy did last year

^ Agreed.

I like the hat kicking thing though, I think it's a like we have Lou as our manager without having to go through that every game and having Thomson managing half the season.

On a side note with Kennedy, I think you're right and he psychologically turned a corner. When the bases were loaded with 1 out against Markakis, I knew he was getting ready for that tumbling snowball effect that has killed him this year. Markakis bailed him out chasing some pitches outside of the zone and then he got Huff to fly out (after getting a favorable 2-1 strike from the ump). He knows he's capable of doing these things, and he was getting squeezed a bit but it looked like he finally just said "I'm not going to nip but I'll put my fastball in tougher spots and mix the change, see what you can do." Very encouraging.

When it comes to classic ejection, Joe has a lot to learn from Yadier the Great Stripper Molina.


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