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i give the yanks a pass as long as they keep winning.. as far as sunday i share a brain w the dep fan. joe g is clueless wang had nothing that game and even less in the 7th the first batter his a rocket line drive at someone giving joe a chance to take him out after a bad decision but no he keeps him in my brother and i were at the game and could not believe he was still in there was no doubt in our minds that he was going to give up thoe 2 critical runs horrible job by joe g. as for the fans they were equally as sickening i am proud to say my bro and i did not particapate in the wave and i yelled several times what is the fing shea??even when we took the lead on molinas pop up double (you coud not believe how shallow ichiro plays) and mo came is my bro and i were one of about 10000 people standing up going nuts. but it was a sunday holiday game and the game i went to thursday when cano won the game the stadium was as loud as ever so i hope we can just blame that one on a laid back sunday crowd i dont ever wana attend a game with a crowd that dead again!!

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