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Bruce Paine on May 28 at 9:49

back when Randolph was in high school, he was being recruited by Gene Keady and Bob Knight at a time when Purdue and IU had pretty good programs. Both coaches wanted him and had relationships with him dating back to early high school. One odd thing was that neither coach really wanted him. Both had a lot of success in graduating players and developing team players. Randolph was neither. Both demanded performance in the classroom from their players. Randolph couldn't deliver. There were whispered rumors that his grades were being fudged in high school. Knight got out early, Keady stayed in a bit later but evidently he always considered losing Randolph to State to be a blessing in disguise. He was a beast as a prep player but his weaknesses, which you very accurately listed, were known even then.

It's really sad that guys don't change from the time they're in high school to the middle of their careers. Thanks for the info, I didn't realize these problems went back that far.

Wasn't Randolph the guy who was at a strip club when he was on bereavement leave for his grandmother's death?

I may be in the minority but I like Randolph alot I just think whoever played for the knicks with that atmosphere would have been terrible. With a change of scenery and playing under Mo where he had a great year averaging 20.1 and 10.5 a game while playing and starting in 81 out of the 82 games. All reports about randolph says donnie walsh is willing to attach the sixth pick to randolph or curry to clear cap space. If the trade was something like willie carney 16th pick for Randolph and the 6th i think you have to consider it. Randolph was destined to fail last year playing with some of the worst character guys possible. Dre Miller, Mo and Jimmy Lynam can kee him under control while he feels the biggest need possible.
I don't want oneal he is a great fit but i agree with you about his legs he seems like hes limping up the floor ala Chris Webber.

I don't know, the #6 pick makes it interesting, but I have a feeling they'd wind up buying Randolph out before his deal is up and generally regretting the decision for years to come. The #6 pick is far from sure thing this year as well.

JO can opt out this summer, so if he does, a team could have him much cheaper, but for longer.

He'd be crazy to opt out of that deal with his injury history. He isn't going to do better than $40M+

That's true, but it just depends on if he really wants out of Indiana. Larry Bird did say on Pacers.com the other day that they could be dropping a couple "surprises" come draft day too.

Maybe J.O. going to the Knicks for #6 and Randolph?

I just don't see him opting out, with his injury risk he'd be lucky to get a three-year deal for $45M from someone on the open market. He's making that much over the next 2 seasons as is.

I'd actually welcome that trade.

No to Randolph - not because of the strip club attendance, the whole league does that. My problem is he doesn't play defense. Now, O'Neal... injured a lot, but as you say, his contract would expire in two years. What's the risk?

Well, the risk is that you trade for him, he's never fully healthy and the next two years are basically a holding pattern, waiting for his contract to expire.

Tray reply to Brian on May 30 at 1:57

Whereas if we get Mike Miller we shoot to the top? I mean, he at least would make us a lot better for the half of the season he plays... in theory, anyway. His declining shooting percentages kind of worry me.

No, but Miller doesn't eat up all the cap space this Summer or next Summer, so there's more short-term flexibility.

Zach and #6 for Willie would save the Knicks something like 65 million dollars in salary and luxury taxes. On paper, it makes sense for both parties at least somewhat.

I think if you get a third team involved and dish out Miller, Reggie, and Willie for Zach, #6, a decent PG prospect like one from the Blazers, and other pick(s) you have to certainly consider doing it.

It is a difficult choice. This offseason is a tough one for Ed.

Maybe he will just stay put and draft a guard this year. Who knows...

I dont no production has never been the problem with randolp so i dont see a buyout happening he doesnt have a history of major injuries the only problem is his defense and i think with a fresh strt and some pressure from the coaches he can be an average defender.

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