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The Yankees also probably would have won if LaTroy hadn't appealed his suspension.

There's a chance LaTroy could be DFA'd if they need to open up a spot on the 40-man to replace Kennedy. Small chance, but there's always hope.

Hey Brian,

I had heard that Joba is expected to make one more appearance in long relief then would be given his first start afterwards.

Who is making the decision on this one? What are your thoughts on this move (particularly on the speed of moving him into the starting position)

I think he's only good for one more relief appearance. You can't look for a 60+ pitch appearance out of the pen. They need to start him, let him throw his sixty and have a legit long guy waiting in the pen. Your guess is as good as mine as to who that guy would be.

another bad move by the yankees. 2 weeks ago if we had a lead in the 6 the game was over. now we need a 5 run lead in the 8th to get mo a 1 run lead in the 9th. if joba throws a no hitter every start he makes he wont be as valuable as he is in the pen. the main reason is no one in that pen can be trusted to get anyone out... start joba in preseason get some pen help and then well talk this move sucks

another thought .. joba will be on a pitch count all year so the likely hood of him goin past 5 or 6 is slim. so u have 3 innings to fill to get to mo what an adventure. also we need a real long relief guy olendorf is not a guy to come in the 3rd and 4th inning, guess thats going to be kennedy.. who do u sit when everyine is healthy?? we got in order of effectiveness rasner mussina wang pettite kennedy and hughes throw in joba and thas 7. the two guys on the end who cant win are the guys we could have had santana for boy did we screw up

in a week or two Joba will have his pitch count up to 90-100+ just like the rest of the starters. No reason he can't go 7+ innings with 100 pitches.

please dont post sixers info at the top of the blog this is yankees season thank you.. heres an idea for joe g pitch joba 5 innings put him in left field for 6-7 and bring him back in the 8th to be the setup man for himself now thats an idea problem solved.

The most recent post is always at the top. I usually work on sixers posts after I watch the tanks and do my write up. Feel free to ignore them.

Picked the wrong night to go to Camden. Even stayed though the rain delay.

Hopefully Andy and Joba get the done tonight, my seats are better anyway.

Man, that ending must've sucked after you sat through the rain delay. At least there were fireworks early on. Hopefully tonight the Yanks will dominate.

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