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well it sure was nice to see the old formula work for possible the last time andy for 6-7 joba and mo as soon as joba came in with a one run lead i was already in line to cash my ticket GAME OVER now we are going to have to have a set up man by commitee. do you think the yanks would be the dominant team they were in 96 if they made mo a starter? its was a 6 inning game boy was that nice . mo is going to have to pitch 1-2 innings when the game is on the line now i hope the yanks prove me wrong but i hate this idea.. by the way for all you readers out there never go to a yankee game with the dep fan cause you will be left alone in the upper deck like a dog thank you and have a nice day

At least you got a free ticket. I'm still pissed at the superior court of Kings County.

Guys in the pen I trust: Edwar, Mo, and dare I say Farnsworth?

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