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So I saw in the Inquirer today that Stefanski would like to draft a shooter, and in particular he'd like Budinger or "West Virginia sharpshooter" Joe Alexander, but if he has to he's willing to settle for Brandon Rush or CDR. This bothers me for a few reasons. A, we should be trying to address our shooting issues through free agency, not by drafting some college kid who will take three years to make an impact (as most of these names would). B, do you just tell the paper who you'd like to draft? What if a team drafting a couple spots ahead of us goes and takes Budinger because they know we like him and makes us give up a second-rounder or cash to switch picks? So maybe it's a smokescreen. But let's say it's not, which brings me to C - does anyone else think Stefanski has this ass-backwards? If it were me, I'd rank these guys as follows: Rush, CDR, Budinger, Alexander. Alexander's really raw and actually can't shoot. All Budinger can do is shoot and jump. CDR isn't a great fit for us (not much range), but he's a very nice scorer and defender who I think will surprise a lot of people, and Rush had a disappointing college career for someone of his talent, but maybe falling in the draft could motivate him - look at Rudy Gay. And at the very least he'll be a good shooter in the league.

First off, I have to believe this is a misdirection. You're absolutely right, it's crazy to put in a paper exactly what, and who, you're looking to get in the draft. Makes no sense on any level. Think about it, what if someone likes Budinger and knows they need to trade up to 15 to get him.

As for drafting a shooter, I actually think this is the way to go w/ the pick. Drafting a stud PF who is going to start for this team at #16 is very unlikely, drafting a guy who will wind up like the shooters we've been talking about (Vujacic, James Jones, etc) at #16 is definitely possible. I also think the learning curve is shorter for a shooter than a big man.

As for ranking them, the only thing about Rush that scares me is his pedigree. I do think Budinger would be a solid starter, in the right situation. Not sure this is the right situation. I want no part of Alexander. He's another SF who can't shoot the three.

steve reply to Brian on May 30 at 12:06

In the article i forget who the writer was but he was saying some shooter the sixers could have interest in they were his ranking Ed didnt mention any players by name he just said that they need a banger, a shooter, and down the road a pg.

Tray reply to Brian on May 30 at 15:14

It could be a misdirection, but Budinger and Alexander do seem like players a guy who drafted Hassan Adams would like.

The GMs all talk about who they like and don't like with each other, so it's not like it is as big a smokescreen as it seems.

I actually think Philly should trade back to like 22 or 23 and take Courtney Lee, SG, Western Kentucky.

Joe reply to The GM on May 30 at 13:27

Someone who thinks like me... I mentioned this in some forums and was severely lambasted for merely thinking up the idea of trading down 8 spots from 16 to 24 and picking up a 2nd rounder from Seattle.(32 overall would be sweet imo). At 24, you take Lee. At 32, you take Chalmers. I think both have a good chance of suring up needs at backup PG and SG. Competition is good for Lou and Carney as well.

Any idea how pick value works amongst NBA GMs? There is no definitive chart like the NFL... I think 16 for 24 and 35ish would be even off the top of my head.

Interesting read if anyone is interested... I am sure some have come across this already via truehoop... dberri

I am thinking that I have seen a chart like that Joe, but now that I think harder, maybe it was the NFL chart.

I honestly think that a lot of GMs will make a trade if what they are getting with the pick or have a chance to get with that pick is something they value. If not, they tweak the deal and try again. With only two rounds in the NBA, teams trade second round picks like candy it seems like. I'd keep as many as I could these days. Watch Portland make some deals come draft night that will be way in their favor.

Joe reply to The GM on May 31 at 8:17


I found this googling like a month ago. It is a link to a statistics study on the value of draft picks. Worthless and intriguing at the same time if you ask me. Figured Id post it in case if interested. This, assuming the data and math are solid, should be the draft pick chart...

The deals Portland makes normally revolve around buying draft picks outright lol, so they always look good... the Sixers have some options. They could trade their future Utah first for 32 outright from Seattle... not bad for both parties since Seattle stockpiles a future pick and the Sixers don't lose much value.

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