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its so nice to watch your team give away 3 leads in a game even better to see the opposition score in 5 of 8 innings. and even better we have 15 hits in the game and none of them seemd to be clutch we had about 5-6 chances to blow the game open and couldnt do it.. the new look yankees w/o joba in the pen are a circus act. how is this team EVER goin to get the ball to mo with a lead??? i dont see how anyone in the pen can be trusted to pitch 7-8 with a one run lead theres just no way.. we must get a setup man at all costs to be a contender joba is a stus and will be our ace for years to come but now is not the time spring training!!! You ned to start a new tally of games lost cause joba isnt in the pen im sure they will be 5x as much as joba has wins this year well start with tonights game so far its one loss cause no joba in pen well see if they can hold jobas lead tomorrow for 4 innings ahahahah not likely

oh and by the way chalk up aother loss that joe g cost us.. either i am psychic or need to be the yankees manager.. i was talkin to my bro in the ninth when a-rod singled and said a rod HAS to steal here becauce A. nathan has a slow delivery to home and B. matsui is a dp machine...so what happens ? no steal and dp it is yanks lose .. now recreate the inning using simple logic single by a rod a rod easily steals 2b matsuis grounder moves a rod to third and the giambinos rocket to center drives in the tying run 6-6 tie instead of a brutal loss its that easy folks ive had it with joe G

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