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Just to add to what you said... if you look here and here you will see that Billy thought pretty high of them since he essentially drafted work out warriors for the last 2 seasons.

Also, that list is not complete and may have some typos, since it was apparently hand converted from PDF to excel. Still waiting on Courtney Lee, Speights, and Mario Chalmers personally.

He'll definitely go in the late lottery - fortunately for us, as I bet Stefanski would take him if he were on the board.

Don't rule out trading up.

From everything ive read Miami's number 2 pick is for sale and they want a veterant point guard or power forward in return. Maybe Miller this years first and the utah pick next year plus carney or smith would get it done. On one of Chad Fords recent articles he said that Heinrich or Ford plus a few other players and picks would be enough Miller is a much better player than both of those two albeit older. I just want the sixers to get beasley hes the answer to almost all of our problems although i would like to have miller next year but if it means getting a perrenial 20 10 guy in beasley I'd gladly let him go.

What if they could get Beasley without moving Miller? See Joe's comment below, if they can get up to #5, going to #2 may not cost them anything close to Miller.

There is a podcast on draftexpress, where the guy Johnathan Givony mentions the possibility of Philly moving up to 5. He says the Griz or Knicks might both be interested in immediately cutting salary and the Sixers are the only team that could do it...

Some form of a trade involving Mike Miller, #5, and Brian Cardinal probably would be possible. I know you like Mike Miller a lot Brian...


direct: http://www.sigdomain.com/draftexpress_12.mp3

It is about 4/5 through or 20+ minutes about.

I'm not sure what is fair value, but something like...

#5, Mike Miller, Cardinal


#16, Carney, Herb Hill, filler(s)

I wouldn't part with Smith and Carney in the deal personally. Thad is obviously untouchable.

Sixers would then draft Love or whoever they rank as the best big available.

Maybe swap utah pick and #28 from memphis...?

Wow, that would really, really work. The Sixers would have to come up with $3-5M in salary to send the other way, I believe. They may be able to use their mid-level for part of it. If this happened, and they got Love at #5 that might be the ideal solution. Cardinal's contract is garbage, but it expires after next season.

I only make this deal if they can get Love, or maybe if they can then package the #5 to Miami for the #2. If they get Love, this is your rotation next year...

PG: Miller, Lou Williams
SG: M. Miller, Lou Williams, Iguodala
SF: Iguodala, Thad
PF: Thad, Love, Evans, J. Smith
C: Dalembert, Love, J. Smith

This gives the Sixers a ticking clock on Iguodala, you spend the next two seasons gradually working him into the two guard spot, getting more and more minutes for Thad at the three, and gradually working Love in at the 4. Then you have Andre Miller's contract expiring after next season, then Mike Miller and Cardinal coming off the books the following Summer. You can go in any direction at that point.

I love the options this gives the team. Getting up to the #2 to get Beasley would probably be ideal, but I'm just not sure it can be done, no matter how badly Riley doesn't want him.

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