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if you told me that mike moooosina would have 9 wins in early june, johnny damon would be hitting .300 and has 2 hits a night ( it seems), the giambino has an obp over .400 , matsui is leading the league in hitting AND rivera ha an era under .3 and looking better than ever and you said we were in last place i would laught till i dropped dead.. but that is the case .. who could have expected one combined win from hughes and kennedy wang and andy looking like average pitchers and managment completely screwing up what we had in joba as the setup man and a pen who cant get an out . oh and by the way a manager who cost us about 5-10 wins already i have no idea what to make of this team if we are even a contender this year or not. when the heck are we goin to hit homeruns and score 8, 9 or 10 runs again. seems like making joba a starter mid season is like throwing in the towel we literally gave away a game so joba can throw a live bulpen i just dont get it..

If Joba makes the transition and turns into our number 1 come postseason, it'll be worth it. I just have a problem with them toying around with this transition in the majors. It's now cost us a couple of games, and I don't think it was the best way for him personally to get ready to be a starter. They should've sent him down for 10 days, let him do it the right way, then they could've brought him up and had him ready to throw 100 pitches and dominate for 7 innings.

Joey Jr. will have less ways to screw with the lineup starting tomorrow.

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