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UP early this morning, are we? (Or going to sleep late, I suppose.)

I would be thrilled to have that trade. But Memphis can get more than that for Mike Miller and the 5 pick. There will be a good player available at that spot, whether it's Lopez, Mayo, Bayliss, or maybe Love. Lotta value there. We'd be lucky to pull off that trade without the picks. All of which is to say I hope you're right, but I doubt it. Memphis is already a laughing stock for the Gasol trade.

As for Love, I have no concerns about him at all. The NBA has this fetish with raw athletes. But the league is full of guys with great measurables who can't shoot. Or don't know how to rotate on defense. Or don't want to. Or can't handle the ball. If you can get a guy who is both highly skilled and athletic, great. But if you have to choose between the two, choose skill. And Love is a very smart, very skilled player. He positions himself well, has great hands, and oh man, those outlet passes - think that might help the Sixers' fast break game?

Honestly, I hope people stay stuck on him not being athletic. (As you point out, I don't think that's accurate either.) If he starts slipping, we might be able to trade up just a few spots and grab him.

Then all we have to do is trade for Sheed (the prodigal son returns!) to give Love a year to develop.

Yep, going to sleep late.

That package may just be enough to get the deal done with Memphis. Their main concern is getting out from under their expensive contracts, Miller and Cardinal. They're probably going to have to package the pick in any deal that gets both of those guys off their books.

I read a lot of things about Love slimming down this summer and teams are liking his look.

I hope you're right. I would love our team with those two guys on it.

Westbrook is another kid to keep an eye on. I have no idea why, but he seems to be slipping a bit. He won't fall to 16 but if he gets to the back of the lotto he'd be worth going up for. Great defender and potential replacement for Dre Miller in a year.

Ok, there is no chance the Griz would ever think about that trade, IMO. If they still want to dump salary, then they want to focus on bringing in young players....so why would they trade #5? At that pick you get a really good young player who is cheap. Memphis trades that just to rid themselves of Miller and Cardinals' contracts? Miller is useful, they can get rid of him and add something, not lose something as valuable as the fifth pick. I'm all for made up trade scenariors, but this is just really far fetched, IMO.

Is it as far-fetched as Gasol for Kwame Brown's expiring deal and Javaris Crittendon when you already have 3 point guards on your roster?

They'd be getting rid of their two biggest, and worst, contracts, and they'd be adding about $12M in pure cap space. It's not as far-fetched as you make it out to be.

If they trade with just about any other team they have to take back equal value in contracts.

I'm not saying it's a lock, but crazier things have happened. The Sixers have an extra number one to throw into the deal as well.

I'd love for that trade to happen, and if it did and they couldnt move up to 2 to grab beasley, Id take Randolph. I think love is going to be a very good player in the league but Randolph has a chance to be a Chris Bosh type player. Plus he fits into our uptempo style and can really score because of a great touch around the basket and pretty good midrange game. Also a really good rebounder and a rediculous shot blocker.

Great post Brian. This trade would be real sweet. Our starting lineup would look like...

SF-Iggy(could be flip-flopped with Miller)

Bench-Lou, Thad, Reggie and hopefully not Willie Green.

This would probably make us contenders in for the next two years and then when Cardinal's contract was up we'd have more cap space. We'd also have a nice young player at each position to build on.

SG-Iggy(Assuming Mike Miller's gone.
C-Sammy(Would be kind of old by then, but close enough)

As for the fifth pick, I obviously would want Kevin Love. He fits the offense very nicely and would be a great compliment to Sammy D.

Awesome job pointing out his workout numbers. I had no idea he was so sneaky athletic. I'm not too sure of the likely hood of this trade, but if it happened I'd be ecstatic.

I think a deal between the Sixers and Memphis really makes sense. I added the Mike Miller thing, just to throw it out there. I don't think it makes too much sense though.

When I look at it from Memphis' perspective, I think they SHOULD just ride this out. Let the contracts expire in two years.

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