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watched the first 5 innings then had to run out. When I returned I switched the game only to hear Micheal Kaye saying "the Yanks are down to their last strike".

I watched just for the heck of it. Matsui on first Giambino at the plate with 2 strikes. I thought we were Done-ski but I was proved wrong.

Was that exciting or what?

That was the corner and we turned it bigtime! Greener pastures here we come.

Those 10 seconds of baseball swung the whole day for me. How about the Yanks don't spend another minute below .500.

what a game indeed i havent gotten that excited watching a game on tv in a long time(having 1650-1000 on the game didt hurt either) joey g finally pushes the right button for once .. by the way is mohler still on the roster? if not who was catching the 10th? just a side thought.. by the way how good is the cave man right now ?? what a shot he hit to the gap in the 8th to end the inning if we can just get some bulpen help the yanks will steam roll through the second half of the season just wait till arod really gets hot, man if we only had a joba or our team to be a setup man wed be scary o well no bad thoughts today what a win THE GIAMBIIIIIIIIIIIINOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! longest roid free shot of his career

Dude, awesome headline and picture. Just got a chance to sign on to the site. Absolutely made my morning.

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