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if you wana know what cano did to mike kay i would say outside of the game u decided to skip he hasent come through all year .. hes batting low .200 and left 100s on base that might be the reason. and your right about how bad the yanks played pen sucked again as usual it was a miracle farnswth only gave up one run and a miracle veras didnt give up any.. i think for now oley should be the 8th inning guy and farnsworth 7th ... why arent you giving more praise to johnny ?

Damon's been awesome, I don't want to jinx it.

Damon and Giambi need some sort of team nickname... I was thinking "The Super Mario Brothers" due to their 'staches and greasiness.

Alex K. on Jun 6 at 13:14

Awesome nickame. ^

Brian, JUST a thought to play Devil's Advocate. Though you hated Meachem's calls to send the guy's home on the sac flies, could it be POSSIBLE that he knew Barajas was garbage at fielding those and trying to cover the plate? I mean, though stupidly, he did go 2-for-2. They have some pretty advanced scouting and this thought just occurred to me, plausible?

I don't know, on the first one maybe they had a scouting report that Mench has a shitty arm in right. I'll give you a maybe on that one. The second one was just dumb luck. Both times the ball hit Barajas right in the bread basket, if there's a scouting report that says he can't catch throws that hit him in the chest I think the Jays need to find a new catcher.

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