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Basically that is the value that getting to the playoffs and winning two games has added to this team. It has made people realize that this team has the potential to go far, with one or two major additions we may make conference finals.

With regards to his game Elton Brand is about the perfect fit. He will give us the low post scorer that we lack and will help our rebounding.

Will he be willing to take a (huge) pay cut to join us? I don't think a sign-and-trade would be feasible they would probably ask for too much.

If Brand comes over and he manages to stay fit we'll be in good stead.

(back after few days, new job, new town etc... great to have always some good Sixers coverage on your blog Brian)

seems like Brand would love to come to Philly. interesting...

I also like the Zach Randolph trade, I think he would be good for us, and the Mike Miller rumor is interesting as well... all good deals to me, let's see if we can pull the trigger on one of them

anyway the main point is that Sixers seem to have a lot of options (finally !!) and for the first summer in a long time I am NOT afraid of what our GM will pull out of his arse :-)

i'm really excited about this offseason for the 1st time in awhile...i think if we are able to add brand AND mike miller that we will be a force in the east..stefanski is the man for the job and i have full confidence that he will make the right moves...i cannot wait...goooooo sixers/phillies/e-a-g-l-e-s eaglesssssssssss!!!

Yes all of those are good trades, but remember we also need a shooter too, Sixers we one of worst teams in 3 point %, and 3 pointers made

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