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Liked your earlier post of "Who are you and what have you done with Mike Mussina?"

On that note, the Inquirer lists pitching/hitting stats on Sundays for MLB, and Moose actually leads Yankee pitchers in quality starts and ERA... no joke.

I would expect Joba to put up some good numbers by September and pass Moose by then but I still think he's something special to lose in the bullpen. Not everyone has the disposition of a closer, and this guy looked as though he did.

I agree. I think Joba could be a top five closer in the league right now, but as soon as Mo signed his contract the Yanks had the luxury, and maybe the obligation to see if Joba can be the ace of their staff. If it doesn't work out, and he becomes just a mediocre starter, then they can go back to using him in the pen. Now is the time to find out what they have in him, though.

Moose has been nothing short of amazing so far. Let's hope he keeps it up.

I went to the game yesterday. Giese looked good and Veras was a pleasant surprise.

KC's Joey Gathcart made 3 great catches in CF. I don't know if he can hit but this is someone they may want to look at acquiring.

Any live blogging for the game today?

I'm working from home, so I'll be watching and I'll have some form of a live blog up. Hopefully someone out there will be listening and can give us updates on Sterling and Waldman's shenanigans.

Oh, I'll be listening. I'll be sure to pass along any unbelieve comments from the dynamic duo.

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