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Got one from John already. First thing he does when he gets on the mic is sing "win a little bit" over and over. I just love having to listen while I'm at work.

That's baseball Suzyn.

The dancing bear? Is Cone a big Grateful Dead fan or something?

I still can't believe Giambi is the best defensive first baseman on the roster. It makes me sad.

Cone doesn't strike me as a pothead. I could be wrong though.

Cam reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 14:24

He always has those tired eyes though

I also weep for the defensive situation at first. The Yanks will be OK as long as Giambi doesn't have to throw. I mean, how often does a baseball player have to throw the ball during a game?

And it wouldn't surprise me about Coney.

The only blemish I can remember on Cone's career was the time he got caught masturbating in the dugout when he was with the mets.

Cam reply to Brian on Jun 9 at 14:43

Is that for real? I've never heard that before, and frankly, if it is true, I wish I never had.

I think he might've been accused of rape when he was with them too. After one story broke he went out and struck out 19 the next game.

That's a dead giveaway of chronic tweed use.

Cam reply to Mike on Jun 9 at 14:54

I'd say he was probably nose deep in the white powder with Gooden and Straw

Someone give me Sterling's call on A-Rod's bomb!

Swung on, and THERE IT GOES TO DEEP LEFT! An A-Bomb!

I don't know why that was written three times.

Alex Rodriguez delivers big time! It's an A-Bomb from A-Rod!!

And there we have it. At almost exactly 2 hours after first pitch, Sterling's first "isn't baseball hard to figure out" comment.

Awesome. Did Sterling follow it up with, "Alexander the Great conquers again?"

Well, whaddya know. Back at .500. I mean, what the hell?

Sorry guys, my computer was going a bit crazy for some reason. Tough-luck loss.

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