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I think on paper he seems like a good fit. He's that go-to scorer that we need, especially in our half court offense. He's a young point guard and if we decided to keep Andre Miller he could be our starting two-guard, which I think suits him best anyways. All that being said, he's not a championship caliber player in my eyes. He's a great scorer and a hilarious, like able guy, but if anyone tells me they see him as the main guy on a team holding the Larry O'Brien trophy one day, they'd only be fooling themselves.

I agree, but only in the same sense that I'd say you don't want Iverson on your team. Too many shots, too inefficient.

As much as I loved Allen Iverson, it's tough to surround that type of player with role players to help him win a championship. For example, the 2001 Sixers team was littered with a bunch of unselfish, defensive minded veterans. That's why that team was so successful in my opinion. Look what happened to Iverson's teams when he was surrounded with talent. They weren't championship contenders. I look at Gil the same way.

It's probably just a bias, but I'd take Iverson any day of the week over Arenas. Can't even tell you why.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 11 at 1:42

At least Arenas can shoot and play defense if he's really motivated. Okay, he never is, but at least he's theoretically capable of bothering a bigger guard's shot. I'd take Arenas.

Oh, so would I. I just think both players are less flexible than most stars in a sense that both have to be surrounded by perfect role players to ever win a championship. No question though, Iverson is tougher, way more of a gamer and a future HOFer which I don't think Gil will ever be.

I just realized your name is linking to a blog, added you to my links on the sidebar. Keep up the good work, the more Sixers blogs out there, the better.

I appreciate it man. I link to you all the time.

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