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I agree with you. You can't just go out and trade a guy cause he has had 1+ years of experience at the age of 22 or 23. I met Pete A. this past weekend in Scranton for the LoHud Scranton outing and he said the Yanks would have Gardner up right now if he was a right handed bat. I'll bet that once Moeller gets DFA'd, we'll see Gardner.

I like Peter Abraham, but what's the difference between a slap-hitting lefty and a slap-hitting righty off the bench? His speed is the reason they need him, not his stick.

Cam reply to Brian on Jun 10 at 18:08

I agree with you there too. When you're pinch running with Wilson Betemit and Chad Moeller, you know your team is seriously lacking in the speed department.

what do you think about the whole, "if hes gonna be in the big leagues, he should get consistent pllaying time" thing? some ppl on RAB were sayin gardner should either get significant PT here, or significant down there...whats the downside of bringing him up and giving him spot starts like you said?

I guess the reasoning is that being a part-time player would hinder his development. I tend to think that playing occasionally at the major league level is better experience for a young player than dominating at the AAA level. Gardner isn't that young, he's actually older than Melky.

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