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Girl's name...c'mon now...no mud slinging, this isn't the democratic primary!

Carlos Gonzalez has a cannon in centerfield

Abreu was toast at third.

Giambi's mustache is horrible. At least he doesnt have that horribly greasy hair down to his shoulders anymore

It's still greasy. I can't wait 'til the stache is long enough for the handlebars.

Well, they are hitting Wang hard, I just hope they start dropping in!

It looks like Wang is throwing bp. I think the A's may have the least-recognizable roster in the majors.

Alex K. reply to Brian on Jun 11 at 9:19

Have you seen the San Fransisco Giants lately?

At least the Giants have Rowand and Benji Molina. That A's lineup last night had Chavez and that's about it as far as guys who have been in the league 5 years or longer.

Seeing the A's in person, I thought it was amusing that all of the players look the same as far as height, weight, and general build. Frank Thomas was the exception, he looked like Frankenstein.

A-Rod up to more bush league antics

He just tried to call time, nothing bush league about that. Your AA pitcher just got confused out there.

And yes, I'm well aware that your AA pitcher is shutting down the Yanks.

I know he wasn't doing anything. I just like to rag on A-Rod. You would think that the umpire, seeing the hitter wasn't in a stance and the pitcher then stopping his movement, would have just gone with a re-do of the previous pitch. I don't think a balk was warranted in that situation.

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