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This quote really disappoints me, "...but they don't have one guy they'd want to move up to get."

For a long time now I've been pulling for Kevin Love. It looks like it won't happen now.

I think that's exactly what he'd say even if they did have one guy they wanted to move up and get. He did say there is zero chance that Love will be there at #16. I think his exact quote was, "There's more of a chance of me waking up tomorrow with a full head of hair than Love being there at #16."

That's very true. You have to take everything anyone in the sports world with a grain of salt. Tonight I'll still go to bed praying for KLove and hopes he wears number 69 as a Sixer.

Noooooooo, we're keeping Iguodala. Or maybe that's a smokescreen to make other teams think they have to offer us something great in a sign-and-trade.

It seemed to me like he was saying, "We sure expect to bring him back, but we don't know what his demands are going to be." He left himself some wiggle room. The host tried to nail him down, get him to say 1-10, how likely is it that Iguodala will be a Sixer next year, but he wouldn't bite.

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