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OK, not to be the guy who keeps doing this, but I distinctly remember Ken Singleton saying that Damon had a broken bat single in the first inning. I was watching a movie so I didn't see it, but when I turned the game on later, Ken said it during another one of Damon's ABs. Just want to make sure that the most interesting tally in sports is accurate!

It's really, really hard to tell if he breaks his bat unless it shatters. I base my count on either visual confirmation, (when it snaps in half), or if I think he broke his bat and then the next time up he uses a different one. Last night he stuck w/ the same black bat throughout the night, so I didn't credit him with any. I don't want to inflate the numbers :)

I don't think he broke his bat. It was an ugly, inside-out, opposite field bloop, but I think the bat remained intact.

I'm just so intrigued by this phenomenon of broken bats that I can't get enough! But your system seems to work well for me. Just trying to be an extra eye!

Thanks, I need it a lot of the time. I swear every time he makes contact it sounds like the bat breaks.

Hey Brian-

I am in the NYC right now. Going to the Mets/Rangers game tomorrow. The Yankees are out of town or I'd be going there.

I'll get a write up on the page when I get home.

Have a good one!

What no live blog tonight...?

It was 1-1 in the sixth when I got out of the car. I'm afraid to look...

Joba's pre-game pitch count was set at 95.....

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