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girardi made the best move of his coaching career today..that was pitching veras 7 and 8 i guarantee there is no one in our pen beides mo who could have retired tejada berkman and lee in the 8th if edwar or farnsworth piches that inning its game over yanks lose so for that i give joe a gold star.. so im willing to overlook cano batting second ... by the way posada better throw some guys out at second or he will have no spot on the team every walk /single by the stros was converted into a double .. overall great game and a miracle win without mo tonight theres not one yankee fan alive who didnt think the stros were tying the game when wiggy walked to lead off the 9th after an 0-2 count .. good job kyle

Posada's arm is really worrying me at this point. We need his bat in the lineup, but what can you do if he can't throw anyone out? No on one the Yanks really does a good job of holding guys on. Even Pettitte has become easy to run on, they just go on first move because they know Giambi can't or won't make the throw to second.

I just don't see an alternative. If you play him at first or DH him that means Giambi, Matsui or Damon need to be out of the lineup and Molina and his .200 batting average are in there. He needs to get his arm strength back.

Veras has been lights out.

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