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JJ Hickson is a really intriguing prospect. He has the body to really fill out and get stronger and he is already as strong as an ox. Id be satisfied if he was the choice at 16. Although i still realllllly want bill walker.

Out of the 5 - I might take a flyer on Calathes. He's got an intriguing array of skills and being in philly I saw a few games of his on TV. It was clear in some of their more high profile games he was the best player on the court. But he's not gonna dominate athletically at the pro level.

Now, who I really want? Joe Alexander. I like that he's freakishly athletic and a hard worker (Dan Majerle/Thad?)...he's extremely raw but his ceiling is as high as the sistine chapel. I can just see him fitting in with this team.


I have two problems with Alexander.

1. What position does he play? Do the Sixers really need another small forward?
2. If they do need another small forward, do they need one who can't shoot the three? (28% from college three last season).

I like Calathas. I think he could bring an interesting array of skills. I would take him with a mid to late 2nd round flierm but I can think oif several guys I would take before him as a flier like Othello Hunter.


Yeah pretty much what you say. I like Alexander as a prospect, but I just don't see the point to the pick. Thad does everything better.

16 might be a little high for Hickson, but he's easily the best prospect in this group.

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