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11 million in cap space...

8% increases = 880,000 per year


5 years, 63.8 million(12.76 per year)

That is a pretty big pay cut. I'm not sure if this is correct, but the Sixers could offer the last 2-3 years as player options so Brand would have control of his situation... this would give him long term security and a short term out... just a thought.

Is it 8% over the first-year salary, or 8% over the previous year? If it's the latter, the numbers are as follows:


5 years, $64.5M.

There are a bunch of other stipulations in the CBA, also, I'm not sure if the Sixers can apply some or all of the mid-level to make the contract bigger.

Joe reply to Brian on Jun 16 at 16:38


Increases, according to that, aren't compounded.

I also don't think they can use any of the MLE in the deal. The CBA is pretty convoluted though I must say.

Their cap space may be more along the lines of 12 though which would mean 5+ million more total.

They could work out a sign and trade with the Clippers though where the Clips facilitate the trade and in return get a package including a small expiring contract and a draft pick or a good young player.

I also saw something that said the Wizards might look into a sign and trade with the Clippers for Arenas.

Hey Brian, haven't commented here in awhile but I've been checking in nonetheless.

As I sit here depressed that the Celtics are staging a repeat of Game 7 against the Hawks, I see a small silver lining: that as cliche as it is, this proves the adage that defense really does win championships. This reinforces the philosophy I've always had when it comes to building an NBA team: athleticism, size, and defensive ability.

So what does this mean for the Sixers? I haven't totally invested myself in the upcoming draft yet, but whoever Stefanski takes, I want him to be a strong defender. That means yes to Brandon Rush, and no to most Europeans (you know what I mean).

Thoughts? Other than suicidal ones that Rajon Rondo was the starting PG for an NBA champion?

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