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Dan Giese, Alan Horne, Jeff Marquez, Dan McCutchen, or ever Alfrrrrredo (tongue rolling) Aceves! We can solve this internally.

Succeeding in the face of adversity defines a champion, we were gonna have to deal with stuff like this just like everyone else if we want to win a World Series. Let's see how the team handles it.

Isn't this the same injury that Duce Staley had when he was an Eagle?

Yup, I remember that year.

Brian Westbrook had this injury. It was on a snowy MOnday night against the Seahawks...

Michael Strahan had this a few years ago too.

In hindsight, this really makes the "move Joba into the rotation" strategy seem prescient

The thing that's so frustrating is that the Astros ALMOST turned a double-play on Wang's sacrifice attempt, meaning that he wouldnt have been on the bases. Or, if he had laid down a decent bunt, they would have just taken the easy out at first. Obviously its a freak accident, but it's still frustrating considering how close it was to not happening

They almost had him at second on Damon's grounder up the middle too.

so what wang is gone for now but he will be back for the playoffs, yes thats right playoffs .. trading for CC fatbathia would be a sin unless we can get ho for a bag of balls.. joba andy and moose are money in the bank and allwe need is a good start here and there from daaaaryl this is not the end of the world like it seems .. our entire lineup is healthy and a rod and the moustach are hr machines we will score plenty of runs to win game .. WE WILL BE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS

It's going to be tough if Rasner and Giese are the #4 and #5 for an extended period of time. I have zero faith in both of them. We'll see what Kennedy is like when he gets back, and hopefully one of the young guys will step into the rotation if need be.

I would bet money that Kei Igawa gets another start for this team this season.

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