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Good analysis, and I agree that Vujacic is the one we'd want (if any) provided he's affordable. Posey is the final piece you add to a title contender, which the Sixers clearly aren't. I'd rather give Jason Smith more minutes than sign Turiaf. And even if Odom became available and even if it made sense... I just feel like he's a wasted talent and comes up small in big situations.

On another note, I commented in the Elton Brand post that the silver lining of the Celtics' title is that it shows the importance of defense. So whatever acquisitions the Sixers make in the offseason, I want the players to be average defenders at the very least, and preferably much better than that. Hence Vujacic makes a good amount of sense.

Agreed on the defense being paramount. The only way I make an exception to that is if a truly unique offensive talent is available, someone like Amare.

Sasha would probably be a good fit, but after watching all 6 finals games I don't really want to see him anywhere near a Sixers uniform.

I have the same issue with Sasha that you do with Posey. I know he would be a good fit, but I just can't see a guy who needs to blowdry between freethrows wearing our jersey. I also worry that his D is overrated. He got killed in this series, especially in the pivotal game 4.

I have no such issue with Posey. The guy helps teams win games. He guards and shoots from range, which is all the Sixers need. If he could be had for the mid-level I would do it in a minute. 5 mil a year for a starting 2 guard is worth it. Not sure he would come here for that, though, as I think he will have loads of teams knocking on his door this summer.

I don't think Posey is a legit starter in this league unless he's on a team with a ton of talent. He can't create his own shot, pretty much his entire offensive game is trailing breaks and shooting wide open threes. He's great at playing that role of the guy off the bench who defends and commits dirty fouls. A handy skill when he's on a very good team, completely useless when he's not. He disappeared in Memphis when the team went downhill, did the same in Miami. Ugh, I just don't like the guy at all and he's nowhere near the shooter Vujacic is.

I still think Vujacic is a whiny little overrated bitch.

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