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I don't really trust Johnny Damon with anything involving counting or numbers....

I'm inclined to stick w/ our numbers as well. It's not that I don't trust Damon, it's that Kay character. He's highly suspect in my book.

Johnny was probably just guessing, I say to stay with your number rather than going after a guess from a player. Realistically, do you think Damon is counting? Doubtful.

It's funny. I think if he'd lie about it he'd say the number was lower. I mean, it has to be embarrassing. Strong hands, complete b.s.

I agree...I'd say Damon was just guessing or giving a nice round number to prove his point. I'd stick with your count.

I do think it's ironic that the year you start keeping track of it it becomes such a big issue.

Oh, and this is a little off-topic, but I thought you might find this interesting. Early in the year when Melky was hitting well, I remember thinking to myself "Hmmm....he seems to be more patient at the plate. It looks like he's taking some more pitches and swinging at less pitches out of the zone."

I decided not to trust my eyes and look at the numbers. Sure enough, he was walking more often, and more importantlly, his pitches per AB were up dramatically.

Since the end of April however, his BA and OBP have been steadily falling. And sure enough, his pitches per AB have been going down as well. I would appreciate it if our well-compensated hitting coach could get Melky back to that patient approach he displayed earlier this season, because he's making weak outs on pitches out of the zone way too often

Completely agree about Melky. He seems lost up there, and plate discipline is the main culprit.

The count must go on!!

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