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What do you think of Roy Hibbert? I like the idea of having a big center, and from what I know of him, he's a great team guy and good shot blocker who's got a relatively nice shooting touch. Granted he may not fit well with the run-n-gun, but he could help with defense, and besides, I don't think you worry too much about style of play when drafting since that may change over time. I'm just more in the mood now to take a proven guy rather than a raw unpolished athlete.

Hibbert would've been a top-ten pick last season if he'd come out. A poor showing at Georgetown this season completely killed his stock. I don't know what to make of him now. If I was calling the shots, I'd probably pass on him. Too slow, and I wouldn't liked to have seen better rebounding numbers at him and more development in college.

Hollinger is starting to get on my nerves. His system of evaluating players is a good tool but to say DJ Augustin is a better prospect than rose is rediculous. I cant stand how he relys on numbers for everything. I am a fan of Randolph especially at 16 he would definitly have the highest upside of anyone left and would fit into our style of play. Everyone said Thad was years away from contributing due to strength issues and look how that turned out. Randolph played great in his only season and handled all of the turmoil that was surrounding the LSU program very well. At 16 i think he would be worth the risk especially because Speights, Jordon and Mcgee are all equal or greater risks. The only way I would be upset with the selection of Randolph would be if Darrel Arthur was on the board and would also rather have Hickson but would definitly be satisfied with Randolph.

I don't know, I mean what is everyone basing Randolph's upside on? If the thought is that he's really athletic and just needs to learn the game then wouldn't his numbers have been impressive at the combine? They weren't, at all. He's not strong, he's not quick, he's not fast AND he didn't really produce at the college level. How do you judge upside when not one factor points toward it? Is it just a gut feeling people have? What's it based on?

steve reply to Brian on Jun 23 at 21:54

His athleticism is obvious when you watch his film and highlights, he did OK at the combine 35 inch vert for a guy who is 6'10 isnt bad plus his wingspan was 7'4. He also tested pretty well in the 3/4 court sprint testing better than alot of guards and a tenth of a second behind OJ Mayo. I would say averaging 16 9 and 2.5 blocks is pretty productive especially considering everything that was going on at the LSu program with the midseason coaching chance etc. He reallllly came on the last 10-15 games of the season i think thats what has the scouts buzzing about him.

Joe reply to steve on Jun 23 at 22:23

His 3/4 court sprint was underwhelming imo. He barely beat Gransberry who is a slug. Finishing .12 behind someone is a good amount.

He beat up on bad teams and got beat down by good teams. He isn't efficient. here are some "advanced" numbers from his time at LSU. They are bad.


KP100 is, essentially, the top 100 teams in the NCAA, according to a statistical measure.

Speights is a much better prospect imo along with Hendrix, Hickson, and a bunch of other guys. I find it odd that Richard Hendrix can work out so well, play so well, and measure so well consistently and still be ranked lower than Randolph who almost surely will end up as an inferior player, at least the stats and my eyes say that.

And Randolph doesn't have anything to him that makes me think he will ever develop a post game. Don't the Sixers need someone with one of those?

Everything I've been reading has said Randolph is probably going to have to be a 3 in the pros. He just has bust written all over him.

I really think Love is being undervalued. If I'm Eddie, I'm working the phones to get up high enough to draft him. The only negative in my book is his weight, and if there's one thing that Mo has proven he's excellent at, it's conditioning his team.

Personally, I think Roy Hibbert is going to be a steal. Not necessarily an All-Star, but a solid center, and a great pick in the second half of the first draft.

Hollinger's love for DJ Augustin is bizarre. There are no Hall of Famers under 6'0, are there? Maybe Calvin Murphy. Even Tiny Archibald was 6'1. Allen Iverson is 6'0, but I really doubt Augustin is the next Answer. At some point, the wear and tear will have to take it's toll on DJ's body; I can see him being productive for a few years, being a solid point guard (I would be happy if the Knicks dropped down to pick him up), but I don't think he'll be better than Rose or Mayo.

Now Mayo... he might be better than Rose. Maybe.

And Beasley? He's probably the best player in this draft. Yet he might drop down to the third pick overall!

Miami is crazy if they pass him up. Honestly, I think the Bulls would be crazy to pass him up for a point with good size who can't really shoot and isn't all that fast, but that's just me.

Isn't all that fast....have you ever seen him play? I don't care what the timed speed says. Rose is the fastest player I've ever seen with a bball in his hands.

That's crazy talk. I actually saw Rose play a lot more than any of the other guys in the lottery this past season. Seemed over-hyped to me. I know there's been a run of great PGs to come into the pros over the past couple of years, but I just don't see Rose on the same level as Paul and Williams. He'll be a good pro, but not someone to build your team around.

For a team that's needed a low-post presence for the past five years, I think it's silly to take Rose over Beasley. In fact, I think it's silly for pretty much any team to take Rose over Beasley.

I'd like to see us get Arthur...Speights worrys the crap out of me, I don't want him; as does Anthony Randolph (or DeMarr Johnson part II).

Arthur strikes me as a sleeper in this draft and a really good fit for the Sixers. The one thing I don't really want to see is more of the same with this pick. A lot of teams in the NBA can afford to draft projects and bring them along, the way I see it, the Sixers have enough projects. They should go for a guy who can contribute right now in an area of need, be it perimeter shooting or low-post scoring. Rush and Arthur both seem to fit the bill for me.

Max reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 9:37

agreed, I believe Stefanski is targeting Love in a trade up or one of the Kansas stars; but in multiple interviews (again on 610wip this morning) he said he's drafting a big and they probably won't contribute much for a couple of years. This could mean speights, koufas, randolph, jordan, etc...I believe this is a smoke screen though. I believe he wants production more than potential this year. We'll have to see.


Above is, in my PER hating opinion, a better statistical analysis of the players in the draft, with a primer as well.

Couple things Brian...

1) Are you sure they have to keep the average under the cap? If so, could you post a link, because all I found w/regards to keeping the average under the cap is when use a higher than 8% increase at some point during the deal, taking advantage or a cba loophole.... as described here... http://members.cox.net/lmcoon/salarycap.htm#37

2) Could all this "big men" talk just be smokescreen? I want a guard, personally, so it may just be wishful thinking on my part. They do still have Hill and Smith to possibly develop some at the 4... Maybe Ed will go Chalmers, Rush, or something...

You know what, that was where I got my original information. I mis-read it then, and I think I misread it when I just went back through it the first time as well.

The word average has a couple of different meanings in there, I took it to mean yearly average of the salary, but it really means the average NBA salary. That being said, I don't think it applies to Josh Smith, I think the Arenas Provision is only for 2nd rounders and foreign players, not 1st rounders coming off the 4th year of their rookie contracts.

Every time I think I have some kind of understanding of the FA rules, I realize I just don't.

As for the draft, I'm hoping Ed is just blowing smoke. My gut tells me he wants Alexander and I'm just really hoping he wants nothing to do with Randolph.

I voted Love in the poll, because I don't think that adding Brand would quite make us a title contender (or that Smith makes much if any sense). Love would be a nice addition, and signing no one would allow us to wait for a future free agent class and throw all that cap space at the superstar scorer we need.

I still like the idea of getting Brand. Does it immediately make them a title contender? Probably not. Does it put them in the top tier of the East? Yes. The Pistons and the Celts are on the down side of their success, with Brand the Sixers could easily ascend to the team to beat in the East within a couple of years if they can make another move or two, namely shooters.

If Brand isn't going to happen, do everything and anything to get Love. Sell your firstborn, donate a kidney. Whatever. He's going to be a difference maker in the NBA. I'm convinced of that.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 4:37

It makes them top tier for sure. I just fear we'd get Brand and run in circles for years, like the O'Neal-led Pacers teams. They had a lot of talent - at one point, Artest, Reggie, O'Neal, Harrington, and Brad Miller, along with a deep bench - won 60 games in 03-04, made the conference finals, but never got any farther, arguably for lack of a dominant scorer.

I think if they have the oppurtunity to get Josh Smith Eddie has got to go all out to get him. He fits in perfectly with our offense and is really starting to improve his jumper and overall aggressiveness on offense.

On one level I completely agree with you on Smith. I'm picturing this team on defense with Smith and Dalembert erasing shots left and right, on the break with another burner who can run the floor. It would definitely make them the most entertaining team to watch. I'm not sure if entertaining would translate into winning, though. On any given night, they could beat any team in the league. On any other night, they could lose to the worst. They'd be able to defend with any team, but how would they score in the half court?

I'm 100% on the fence on Smith at this point.

Steve reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 13:22

Well they were a pretty good team with Reggie Evans at the four and I think Thaddeus' perimeter game is going to be light years ahead this season than it was last season hes just that type of talent. Also if they can get smith what do you think of drafting Chris Douglas Roberts a crafty player who is great at scoring in half court sets?

I'd like CDR, I think I like Rush better at this point. Either may be available.

Steve reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 13:52

I like rush alot too but i think CDR would be a better fit because he has more of a scorers mentality I think he could anchor the scoring load for the second string. But only if we get Smith or Brand. Im starting to worry that we wont get either of them. Im praying that Eddie doesnt settle for jamison i would hate that move.

Tray reply to Steve on Jun 24 at 14:21

Big CDR fan here too. Though at 16, I think you take Arthur if he's available.

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