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I heard him make a telling comment today on the radio; that the price of moving up in the draft was too expensive today (tuesday) but on thursday it might become "cheaper". This coupled with the constant project talk makes me think, yes, these comments are well placed smokescreens and they have a non-project impact player in mind. Someone they think could help them like Thad did. I get the feeling they are not entirely confidant the player will be available when they are picking though. I think he wants to make sure he keeps the cards close to vest so he doesn't get fleeced if he has to move up. That is - if the player they actually want falls low enough.

I'd love to come out of a draft feeling good. Last year I was cautiously optimistic even though it turned out great, I still didn't have that great feeling. The past two Eagles drafts have left me pissed. Just make a move and get a solid player, is that too much to ask, Ed?

Best case scenario is that they move up to get kevin love but theres little chance of that happening. Arthur would be the best choice in my opinion followed by cdr or rush. Of the high risk high reward guys I would take Hickson first then Randolph then Jordan then Mcgee. The last 2 i want absolutely no part of but rather have Jordan because he has the potential to be the 3rd best player in the draft but the chances of that happeneing are very slim. Hickson would give us the bruising athletic low post scorer and id rather have randolph than the other guys because at least he was productive with 15 9 and 2.5 blocks.

Chad Ford and Bill Simmons just finished a 5-hour mock of the lottery, CDR, Chalmers, Arthur, Rush and Love all went in their version. Which means at least two of them will probably fall out of the lottery and be available when the Sixers pick. They also had Augustin falling out of the lottery, if he's there at 16 I definitely take him.

steve reply to Brian on Jun 24 at 18:10

I think if augustin is there you have to take him but hopefully CDR or Arthur will be ther. If bill walker slips out of the first round maybe eddie will buy a pick to get him hes realllllly intriguing to me.

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