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Just to add... Memphis is apparently having talks with the Knicks for a deal that would be #5, Cardinal for David Lee, expiring contract. It apparently has a little bit of credibility. Katz and Ford have both separately mentioned it...

Sixers could try to beat that, but would it be worth it?

#5, Cardinal for #16, Smith, capspace

apparently Katz has given it more credibility. I don't have insider so I can't check, but the following quotes it...


• A potential deal with Memphis and New York apparently has some legs. The Knicks, who have the No. 6 pick, would get the Grizzlies' No. 5 pick and give David Lee and other considerations to Memphis. New York would then select UCLA's Russell Westbrook and Italy's Danilo Gallinari with its No. 5 and No. 6 picks. If Memphis selects UCLA's Kevin Love, that is a strong indicator that the Grizzlies are keeping the pick.

For the dreamers, you may have some hope to get into Kevin Love land...

Wow. If they're just selling the #5 pick the Sixers should be able to put something together. The only problem is that the Sixers can't trade any of their cap space, it doesn't materialize until July 1. They can swap good contracts for bad, though. But the contracts have to match up (or be w/in 10% of matching, I think)

Joe reply to Brian on Jun 25 at 2:40

A deal would also make the Grizz players in free agency this offseason and next offseason as well, so it kind of makes sense if they could convince a top FA to go there...

You are right on the cap space I am pretty sure. I completely forgot about that. I don't think something like that would kill a possible deal though. There has to be precedence here...

Memphis should really just dump Darko, Miller, and Cardinal for Starbury's expiring contract if they are going to lose their pick... why not? No one else could really match that one...

John reply to Brian on Jun 26 at 0:43

A few things. While the cap space does not kick in until later, can't the trade simply be "for a player named later"? I'm pretty sure that this has happened before, I think it was Shane Battier?

Second, I doubt the Sixers can really beat the Knick's offer without giving up anything significant. David Lee is underrated and IMO one of the best young forwards in the game.

I can't find anything for a player to be named, but there's nothing stopping the Sixers from making a deal behind closed doors, telling Minnesota who to draft, then completing the trade after July 1st.

As for Lee, I like him, but I'm not sure I think he's one of the best forwards in the league. It would be hard for the Sixers to match the Knicks' offer on a talent basis, but they could beat it from a monetary basis. They have Miller's expiring deal, which they could send to Memphis for longer deals (Mike Miller or Brian Cardinal). I'm not advocating this, just saying it's an option. Lee is going into the final year of his rookie contract, so he's going to cost them some serious money to keep for more than one season.

That first sentence is blasphemous.

You need to stop drinking the Rose kool-aid. If he's lucky he'll have a career like Kenny Anderson's.

Apparently Portland has bought the Hornets first round pick. Maybe they are trying to package some picks to move up?

princelyfrank on Jun 25 at 2:59

I bet the T-Wolves take him at 5. I agree with you that he could be a great pro.

I think the sixers definitely want Love; you've got to do a memphis deal because I don't think he'll too far. The stumbling block will be not being able to give space to them.

Love would fit nicely into the Sixers but I do not think that we will be able to trade up and get him. I think there is too much hype and too many other teams will want him. I think we should target a guard, maybe trade up and get Augustine. If he is going at 11 that is not too much of a stretch. Also, maybe we can somehow get a second round pick. The two guys that I think are good for this team are Richard Hendrix and Devon Hardin. Both would fit nicely with Sammy and be able to clean up on the offensive glass.



Wow, I don't think Love is that good. He's not going to be some kind of bust like Tractor Traylor, but he's not Al Jefferson either... maybe a fair comparison is a little more talented Sean May.

I don't think he's going to be a superstar, I think on the on the right team he can jump right in and provide exactly what you want from the position. That's a lot more than you can say about a lot of guys in this draft. For a team like the Sixers, with more athleticism than skill on the floor at all times, he'd be a perfect fit.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 25 at 17:21

I agree, but best player in the draft talk, or this:

They could wait a year and realize that with Love they have the nucleus they need to compete for a title and they could use free agency to develop their bench.

is pure fantasy. He's not Wes Unseld. Or put it this way, Wes Unseld wouldn't do much in today's NBA.

I don't know. I think best-case, he could wind up being a Boozer type of PF, probably not quite that good, but is 15-10 out of the questions? Better yet, is 15 pts, 10 boards, 3 assists, 1 block and 1 steal out of the question? This team needs an efficient option in the half-court offense above all else, I think he gives you that when you need it in the post, and brings a lot more w/ his skill set.

Obviously, the odds of getting him are long, the odds of him developing into a star are even longer, but they'd have the opportunity to see what the team looks like with a guy who can score in the half-court and then reassess. Maybe 2 years down the road Thad has turned into a 40% shooter from three and he's dominating on the offensive side of the ball. That would change the thinking as well.

Drafting Love would give the team a ton of options, one of them being time to let the guys on the roster develop before choosing a definitive direction with the cap space.

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 25 at 22:42

Arthur might be able to do that, and you wouldn't have to give anything up.

I like Arthur, if a trade up to get Love doesn't happen, I hope he's still there at #16.

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