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This just in:

The Pacers have traded Jermaine O'neal to the Raptors for TJ Ford and the number 17 pick.


O'neal is now in our division...

This might have a ripple affect in the draft. The Pacers were supposed to draft DJ Augustin with the number 11 overall pick. Now with Ford in the mix I doubt that happens. Any chance he falls to the sixers? I think the Blazers at 13 might have interest.

My initial reaction to the trade is, wow. Toronto is going to have an imposing front court for the 10 games both O'Neal and Bosh are on the floor together.

This also means there's zero chance Calderon leaves, even if someone offers him a $55M deal for 5 years (the most the Sixers could offer him) Toronto has to match.

I read somewhere that Sacramento or Portland would take Augustin if he dropped past Indiana. I think it was in Chad Ford's column.

I think we (Pacers) will go with Brandon Rush at 11 and then Hibbert at 17 now. Larry Bird said he wants guys to come in and play right away and doesn't want any "project" players. Plus, Hibbert killed Jordan and McGee in their groups workout.

If I could redo my mock draft right now I'd have the Pacers taking Rush at 11 and Robin Lopez at 17. Just a hunch.

I would be thrilled with both of those players. Maybe even Darrell Arthur or Donte Greene at 17 would be a nice pick up.

Looks like no Serge Ibaka in the draft now. Says he won't be here until 2011 according to Andy Katz.

I can't help it, I always laugh when I see the name Serge. Ford had him going #24 to OK City with an eye toward 2 or 3 years down the road. Wonder if they'd still consider drafting and stashing him.

Wow, that's a potentially terrifying list. I'd be happy with Arthur, and Speights wouldn't make me upset, but pretty much anyone else on there would elicit a big groan from me tomorrow evening.

Did a post over on my blog running through some names, but perhaps more importantly, going over Stefanski's track record. Now I know Thorn was the ultimate decision maker, but during Stefanski's tenure as Nets GM, all 4 of his 1st round picks were college juniors, and all of them were good defenders -- save for Marcus Williams, who was universally hailed as a steal at 22 in the 2006 draft. So just a hunch, but I don't think we'll hear DeAndre Jordan's named called. Fingers crossed...

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