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I'm actually attending the draft, but for those of you watching at home, this is much better news than whoever our pick will be:


How much longer is Stephen A. going to be employed at all?

Are you attending the draft in a professional capacity, or just as a fan?

Tray reply to Brian on Jun 26 at 15:24

Fan. And the fact that ESPN and draftexpress both say DeAndre's the pick scares me.

Scares me too, but better him than Randolph.

Lots of trade activity in the past 72 hours. Should be an interesting night.

I want to make the move to get Kevin Love. Badly.

It seems like Memphis' asking price for the #5 pick keeps dropping. David Lee's agent apparently told them he wouldn't sign long-term to play in Memphis, so that deal is off the table. I heard they were considering swapping with the Nets for the #10 pick and a future first-rounder.

Graham reply to Brian on Jun 26 at 16:41

I like how things are shaping up at the top, but If we want Love, I firmly believe that we need to leapfrog Charlotte to ensure he's there. I think he's a lock to go to the Bobcats if he's available at their spot.

Hey Brian, thanks for the linkage and the comment. I generally defer to you on pretty much everything Sixers-related, so I'm glad to hear we're on the same page with this stuff.

I'll be looking forward to your recap afterwards. Fingers crossed we don't have to scurry around trying to find a silver lining in picking DeAndre Jordan or Anthony Randolph...

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