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Milwaukee is pretty dumb. What else is new?

Lebron is officially buying a house right outside New York city because he is a Brooklyn Net.

Sonics robbed the Clips blind folded unless the future pick is top 25 protected.

If Maggette and Brand both opt out, that could easily be the #1 pick. It has to be lottery protected, at least.

Im just hoping the sixers draft Darrell Arthur tonights. Thats best case scenario for me I hate to sound crazy but I would rather have him htem love I see him as a player who is going to be 10 times better in the NBA than he was in college. Reminds me of a young antonio mcdyss

Not as dumb as you think on the Bucks part. Bobby Simmons has one of the absolute worst contracts in the NBA...and Yi might be a stiff atfer all.

Now that the Bucks have Jefferson, I wouldn't be surprised if try and move down. If I'm Ed, I'm calling to see what they want for the 8 pick.

Good news on the Chad Ford update, indeed.

Agreed. If true, that's the best "chatter" I've heard in a while.

Joe reply to Max on Jun 26 at 19:11

I'll agree with that. I would take Speights over both as a PF prospect, but to each their own.

Would I rather have a one dimensional scorer and pay them 15 million per year for 3 years


Would I rather have Simmons for 2 years for 10 million per.

I am going to have to go with Simmons if I am a rebuilding team like the Bucks.

Odds Yi is still in the league 3 years from now?

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