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Nenad krstic ? Ugh...
Hes like an injured Chris Webber...but he was never that good to begin with. I hope the sixers can at least get Josh Smith. He doesnt put them over the top but I dont think Brand does either.
At least the sixers *should* improve. Thad, sammy, Marcellus...all could/should improve.
Too bad a 25 year old Tim Duncan isnt available ;)

Yep, shaping up to be a disappointing Summer already.

Well... heres to next year...

Well, at least the my internal debate of Elton and Josh just ended. I was leaning more towards Josh anyways. I feel like a little kid...(You didn't sign here! I didn't like you anyways!)

Oh well, here's to signing Josh Smith.

Also, if Iguodala ends up getting close to or more money than Baron Davis I won't be happy. Baron is much more of a "Franchise Player" than Iguodala.

Interesting. Does this make the Clippers a playoff team? They have Brand, Davis, Kaman, but not much else... unless Thornton really turns into something. If I were Brand and winning was my only object, I'd still come here.

I think this was the message Brand was sending, possibly in conjunction with Baron. Sign Baron and I'm coming back, don't sign him and I'm gone.

They have an awful lot of guys who need touches on that offense right now, Thornton and Gordon are both gunners, Brand takes upwards of 15 per game and Baron averaged almost 19 last season. Kamam between 8-12 per game.

Are they a playoff team? I don't know, if they are, they aren't getting out of the first round. They're also going to have zero bench, a 2nd-year swing man and a either a rookie at the 2 guard or Mobley.

He's got a better shot at going deep into the playoffs if he comes to Philly, but he's staying in LA.

Max reply to Tray on Jul 1 at 21:28

They are no better than denver or phoenix at this point. Couldn't agree more.

This is a new era in the NBA; established stars are looking to band together for less cash. Then you have the rest of the league looking to clear cap space by 2010 for Lebron, Wade, Amare, etc...strange times indeed.

We must have hope stefanski will find talent in a seemingly dry market. The trouble is, if he doesn't get Smith he has to be picky. He can't settle for inferior talent. Please make it someone not named Charlie Villaneuva? By the way, if we trade for that soft tub of goo as some philly media suggest we should (I'm shaking my fist at you Narducci), I will castrate myself.

There's a reason Toronto traded him away so quickly. There's also a reason Milwaukee has been shopping him ever since they got him. I want no part of Villaneuva.

Tray reply to Max on Jul 1 at 21:39

See, why don't we just wait until 2010? Josh Smith is no Amare, and Iguodala certainly is no LeBron. What's the rush to tie our hands with whoever we can get from a weak free agent class?

Well, the main problem with that is being in a holding pattern until 2010 and then having the exact same thing happen that Summer that's happening right now. There's zero chance LeBron comes to Philly, especially with the Knicks, Nets and Heat all clearing money for that Summer.

I don't think you can just sit still and hope someone will want to come to Philly. You have to continue the development, take as big of a step as you can without completely handcuffing yourself, and then do the same thing next Summer.

One thing to keep in mind is that signing Josh Smith for $55M/5 years, or Iguodala for whatever it takes will not kill the team's cap space. Those guys are young, and improving. Worst-case scenario, you're going to be able to move those contracts if you need to for expiring old deals. That's if you want to tear the whole thing down and make a pure salary-cap play for 2010.

Iguodala to the Warriors has to be a major concern for Sixers fans now. This has been a terrible turn of events this free agency.

The Warriors could max him out putting a ton of pressure on the Sixers.

The Sixers could then max out Monta Ellis. Who would win in that one?

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 2 at 0:31

I hate Iguodala, but Ellis is pretty one-dimensional and I doubt he defends. Way better scorer though. I guess an argument could be made for leaning toward Ellis - he's only 22 and could easily develop into one of the really elite scorers in the game, whereas Iguodala probably isn't going to get that much better. Of course, if Arenas takes Golden State's offer, this is all moot.

Maybe the Sixers should make a pre-emptive offer to Ellis. G.S. would have to match and that would eat up all their cap space, or they could let the Sixers sign him. Then the Sixers could go over the cap to match any offer for Iguodala.

Starting lineup would be Miller, Ellis, Iguodala, Thad, Dalembert. Which is a huge upgrade over Miller, Green, Iguodala, Thad, Dalembert. Next year, if Miller walks Monta takes over the point and you go from there.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 2 at 1:26

Oh, I don't think you want him to be your point guard. That's worse than forcing Thad to play four. Actually, that Miller-Monta-Iguodala-Thad-Dalembert lineup isn't so bad... in fact, I think it makes more sense than signing Josh Smith.

What, you miss pint-sized two guards who don't play defense? Um, no thank you.

I am a big fan of Iguodala - love his intensity, work ethic, defense, and focus on things besides scoring. He is a great piece, but as has been said a million times before, he can't be the man. The bigger problem, though, is that Thad is our small forward of the future and seems likely to become a better player than Dre.

In true Philadelphia-crackhead-fan style, I propose a sign and trade to Golden State for...Stephen Jackson! Yep, he's crazy. But he's big, plays great D and can shoot the lights out.

And while I'm making borderline sensless suggestions, why not experiment with Thad at the 2 spot? His D is probably up to it, and while he's not a great shooter yet, he has a good stroke - MUCH better than Iguodala's. It would solve a lot of problems if you could put him there, and make Brian's mad scientist trap everything defense a possiblilty if Smith comes.

If no Josh Smith than I like the idea of the Sixers pursuing Maggette from the clips.

A starting lineup of Miller-Maggette-Iggy-Thad-and Dalembert would be decent and may actually be better than Miller-Iggy and Thad-Smith-Dalembert.

Not as good on D but better on O. You can always hide one guy on the defensive end.(maggette)---the celtics did it with Ray allen.
If you have no scorers on O though there is NO hiding it...you just dont score.

Hopefully Speights can be a key reserve and be a low post threat as the season goes along.

No point in "saving" till next year---these high profile guys(amare,wade,lebron) dont want to come to philly as long as they are a middle of the road 500 team in a secondary market.

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