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Alex K. on Jul 3 at 9:38

I don't think its that simple with staying with LA. They just got Baron Davis and maybe he wants a chance to get to the playoffs and still stay out West (though he's from Westchester, NY).

I guess if his goal is to get into the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed (maybe) and get bounced in the first round then staying in LA makes sense.

Alex K. reply to Brian on Jul 3 at 10:36

Hahaha true.

I think it's a forgone conclusion he's staying out west. He's a bigshot movie producer now who happens to play in the NBA. The only question is which NBA team (Warriors or Clips) will lavish him with more capital for his movies. This may be sour grapes; but if Brand is going to put movies over winning maybe he's better off playing on mediocre teams out west and not for my sixers. I mean, this guy doesn't exactly exhibit Garnett's intensity and desire for a ring, does he?

Brian, I read a rumor on yahoo sports about the Warriors having large interest in Iggy. Say they offer him a fat check if they lose out on Brand, Davis, and possibly even Harrington, wouldn't this seriously affect the sixers chances of keeping him in Philly? I know we can go above and beyond everything to keep him, but this could create future cap space issues, couldnt it?

It could be a much worse (or better, depending on how you feel about Iguodala) situation than that.

If G.S. signs him to an offer sheet right away, that will eat up a huge portion of the Sixers' cap space this Summer. Right now, they have cap hold number on him (I believe it's $7.5M, somewhere in that range, I have it written down somewhere). Say the Warriors offer him $13M for this season. That would immediately cut the Sixers' cap space down by $5.5M. If the Sixers decide to let him go, then their cap space would shoot up by $7.5M, but more likely, they'd have to match and then they'd be down that cap space before they even had a chance to do anything with it.

As soon as Iguodala or Lou Williams sign offer sheets, the Sixers cap space is cut until the other team signs him. If the Sixers keep them, it's cut permanently.

Brian I have been saying this all along. I really think the Sixers end up with no one via free agency because of all the outside factors (restricted status of their targeted players and having to deal with their own restricted players). They need to push to get a decision regarding Smith done asap one way or the other or this summer FA-wise will be a wash. Just praying no teams offers Iguodala more than $12M.

If he really wants to win... why not sign with the Celtics/Lakers for the MLE?

I think you are oversimplifying things.

Elton Brand, in addition to being an NBA player, is a person. I know plenty of people who have declined promotions that required moving, because they were comfortable with their situation. Brand has family and friends in LA I am sure. It is his home. This is a 20% raise for him. Would I accept a 20% raise to move cross country? Yeah, I would, but I know plenty of people wouldn't.

There are tons of factors.

Lebron James is likely to take a pay cut of a few million to go to Brooklyn in 2-3 years, but he will make that up 5 fold in endorsement opportunities. Brand arguably may make more total dollars in LA. With Baron, the team is much more marketable.

gdog reply to Joe on Jul 4 at 8:37

Joe I couldnt agree with you more. Sometimes we tend to forget these guys are people...and not just players. Elton Im sure has family/friends in LA and probably kids in school there. Not to mention a career AFTER the NBA. It would be great if he came to the sixers but its not gonna happen. Im warming up to Josh Smith and/or Josh Howard. The Sixers are not ready to contend...even WITH Elton Brand. With one of the Josh's there may be more upside overall.

"and get deep into the playoffs for the remainder of his career, the clear choice is the Sixers"

that made me spit up some soda, I'm sorry about that

I'm not sure I agree that we're the clear choice if he wants to go deep into the playoffs.

I have to agree with you Brian. GS and the Clips are not teams that will make a deep run in the playoffs against the lakers, spurs, jazz, and suns. Neither team would win a series against any of those 4 teams. If he came to Philly, they could beat anyone not wearing a celtics jersey in a series.

Tray reply to Seth on Jul 5 at 0:27

But the Spurs are getting old, the Jazz are going to lose Boozer in a year and won't be able to replace him, the Suns are never going anywhere... so who can say how far the Clippers could go? If Thornton became really good, you never know. From Brand's perspective, Thornton and Thad are a wash, Kaman's better than Dalembert, Davis is better than Iguodala... of course we're in the weaker conference, but on that logic, three, four years ago, all the stars should've gone to play in New Jersey. It doesn't matter how deep you go in the playoffs if you always get swept in the end.

I think winning is a little low and his list of priorities and the fact that we are even questioning his priorities is a huge turn off. He seems more interesting in making movies with his buddy, Baron along with not disappointing the small group of Clipper faithful. Elton's always been a straight-forward, good guy and if he leaves LA after saying all along that's where he wants to be, he'll piss off the Clipper fans, not to mention Baron Davis.

Elton Brand | ClippersElton Brand remains the Warriors' No. 1 target, with their five-year, $90 million deal on the table.

Brand's agent, David Falk, could not be reached, though sources said the pair was in Philadelphia on Thursday hoping to lure the Sixers into the bidding. -- San Francisco Chronicle

Didn't know he came here.

Brian, how about Nenad Krstic?

he would be a "plan B" solution, clearly, but I wouldn't mind... better than, say Villanueva or Wilcox

Josh Smith is my n.1 option, though, I'd take him over Brand honestly

regards and I hope I'll be back full time soon !!

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