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I completely forgot about that throw by Coco until I just read this! While all the action was going on on that particular play, I remember thinking to myself that we weren't seeing two things, what was going on with the fielders fielding the ball, and where the hell Cano was on the bases. Then suddenly, they show a quick shot of the outfield and you see this throw go about 30 feet straight into the ground. It was thrown so soft that I don't even think it made a dent in the dirt! Hilarious. Couple of other things:

- Mo was good last night cause he finally got to throw the last couple of days. He needs regular throwing and they hadn't had leads late to give him the ball.
- You tagging the post Youkilis is a sissy = hilarious
- When I read the title of the post, I thought it was going to be about A-Rods wife divorcing him!

I'm damned proud of this.

I'm hoping A-Rod's marital woes will focus him on the field and he'll put up a HUGE second half. When he's hitting like an MVP everything else seems to fall in place.

It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks in the outfield. Matsui may or may not be back, if he does come back, I think the CF job is completely up for grabs. Gardner can take it over if he can get hot. Melky needs to start playing like his job is on the line.

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