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I cant believe this is actually going to happen. When davis signed with the clippers i thought it was a done deal brand would go back to la and i could see the big letdown that was coming that could have ruined the offseason. if we get brand i think the team would be top 3 in the east and could make the finals because detroit will most likely split up the core, you never know when bostons age will catch up to them, and cleveland is a one man team. If in fact we do get brand i see the sixers and the magic as the new detroit boston in the east.

Verbal commitment


It is over baby.



JoshG reply to Jordan on Jul 8 at 21:46

wow, I am shocked. This is awesome. I want to make sweet man love to Stefanski.

Holy crap. I'm stunned, literally stunned.

Incredible! Absolutely Incredible!!!!! I just KNEW stefanski would come through!


They are without a doubt top 3 in the conference and top 6 in the league with the ability to go further if they can land shooting help; which I am confident they will do. I haven't felt this way since Iverson in the late 90's!!

What is the ceiling? Probably 50+ wins and a shot at the conference finals. A lot depends on improvements from Igoudala and Young.

Agreed, but the young guys should have more help now. Miller, Brand, and to a lesser extent Evans will provide them valuable veteran leadership. There is going to be great mix of young and veteran guys on this team.

58 wins is the regular season ceiling I think.

#2 in the East is a realistic ceiling as well.

Do the Sixers have this bi-annual expection?

All we need to add is another guard who can shoot the 3 and we're set. Stefanki is the man!

Max reply to Joe on Jul 8 at 21:13

Yes, they have the exception available to them this summer because they did not use it last summer. It'll be roughly 1.92 mil for a 1 or 2 year contract.

Does anyone remember what they used to sign Booth last year? Was it a veteran's minimum deal?

And by the way, Reggie Evans, Jason Smith are still potential trade pieces. Igoudala's contract leverage is gone, I bet we get him for the 11 mil/ year he turned down last year.

Joe reply to Morty on Jul 8 at 21:20

I think he signs for 12 million per.

He can't sign for less. He has to get more.

At the same time he should WANT to be here.

Eddie House, Brent Barry, and Keyon Dooling should be on Stefanski's speed dial. I also wouldnt mind seeing a trade for Ben Gordon if possible.

To get Gordon you'd have to give up Iguodala. I don't do that, I don't even think about that. Defense is more important than shooting at this point. They can sign a shooter cheap, they can draft a shooter, they could even trade for a shooter. They have a glut at PF right now. I don't want Iguodala moved for until he proves he cannot play the 2. I think his shooting numbers will be greatly improved this season with defenses having to double Brand in the post. That goes for Thad and Lou Williams as well.

It's all over the web now. Philly.com, ESPN... Brand is definitely coming here. I am astonished.

Oh and the teams ceiling...I'll go 54 wins and a trip to the conference finals. Keep in mind Brand is only 29 and still in his prime for a another 3 years.

I'll say 55 wins given the state of the conference. If Thad, Iggy, and Lou all take good leaps forward there is no telling what the ceiling is. Defensively, they'll be top notch so anything is possible.

The only thing I'd be worried about is a regressed from Miller. He played over his head last year. But after Boston (who depend on three old dudes), the 6ers are right with everyone else (assuming Det make some major moves) in the upper half of the East. Congrats guys.

Miller's scoring numbers were absolutely up last year, they should be down this season just because he isn't the best option in the half-court offense anymore. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a contract year for Miller, so I wouldn't expect a big drop. He's going to want to get paid after the season.

Wow, the great thing about this is I think it forces Willie Green out of a starting job for good. Miller, Dala, Thad, Brand, and the Dalembeast. That looks real nice. Two lock down perimeter defenders, a defensive minded/rebounding center, a big point guard that can post up and set up his teammates, and of course our low post threat. Finally.

Lou is only going to get better, he is going to be sick as long as Mo plays him as a Monta Ellis type and not a point.

Who knows what Thad's ceiling is.

Jason Smith still needs to develope but who knows, he could be one of our shooters off the bench.

Don't forget Maureesse Speights, who has been compared with Brand, now gets to have Brand himself as his mentor.

If we get a shooter with the bi-annual exception, that is a pretty good roster.

If Ed gets this wrapped up quickly, which I have no doubt he will, you have to say this is the best job a GM has done in Philadelphia since....well, I can't even come up with a comparable job a GM has done in Philly.

In less than 7 months he's taken a laughing-stock of a franchise, made 2 trades, one free agent signing and now we're looking at a legitimate shot at 50+ wins, home-court, with one player over 30 on the roster. That's truly amazing.

JoshG reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 22:14

Yea it's crazy to think about the quick turn around. Remember at the beginning of last season when all the experts had the Sixers pegged at last in the East?
I had high hopes when Stefanski took the reigns but I didn't expect anything this quick. He's the savior of Philadelphia!!

gdog reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 22:19

I am from NJ and also like the nets. Not over the sixers but I do like them. The NETS were a JOKE for a decade before Stefanski came in and he helped turn them around. He is a top notch GM and competence in management cannot be underestimated.
As of right now...this sixer team could be better than any team since 82. Even the 2000 sixers werent REALLY that good.

Seth reply to Brian on Jul 9 at 0:16

I love the move as well, but you can't ignore Homer's impact on the flyers. They went from the worst team in the league to the east conference finals. Now that was a magical ride..

Ahh.. thank you for ending the bk era!! in ed we trust.

I may be in the minority here, but I really don't like the move. They give up on Rodney Carney, give up a first round pick, and then choose a 29 year old Brand over a 22 year old Josh Smith. Brand is also still recovering from that Achilles injury which scares me to death.

Smith looks like a perfect fit for the Sixers. He has a great ability to block shots, he is extremely athletic, and could run the floor no problem. Smith is also young enough to grow with Igoudala, Young, Williams, Dalembert, Carney, and Green.

How well will Elton Brand fit into an up tempo, push the ball offense? Not as well as Smith IMO.

Brand is the better overall player, but who will be better 4 years from now? None of us have a crystal ball, but I think a 26 year old Josh Smith will be better than a 33 year old Elton Brand.

I hate to be negative about a big signing, but I worry that this could be a crucial mistake. If Brand is not right with this Achilles, or struggles to fit in the offense the Sixers will be screwed. A mistake in the NBA sets you back for years.

Ian---Elton is 29 and he is in his prime.
Even at 33 he wouldnt be done. Hell KG is 32 and look at him.
I think Smith would have been good for the Sixers as well but he is "potentially" great. Brand is ALREADY great and he played for a solid 3 weeks last year and put up 20 and 10. Not to mention he is a shot blocker (2 a game) and a EXTREMELY strong athletic player. Brand is considered one of the top 3 power forwards in the game and you can make an argument that he may be the best. You may lose, but he is at least in that conversation. No sixer since Barkley has been that effective in the low post. This team is going to be fun as hell.

I agree with everything you said. This is how I've felt all along, but since the Brand signing I've been telling myself, "Brand's better, Brand's better, Brand's better". There's no doubt in my mind Elton's a better player than Smith is right now, but Smith could turn into an absolute superstar.

I have to like the signing though. Elton's going to be our best player next year and probably until he leaves. That is unless Iggy or Thad emerge, and that's very possible, but Elton over Smith? I think deep down, more than a couple Sixer fans feel the same way. They just don't want to admit it and I'm fine with that because I'm the same way. There's also no guarntee J-Smoove will turn into this "superstar" I speak of, but there's a chance. I guess I'll continue to convince myself that this was the right move, because there's nothing else I can do about it now.

"Brand's better, Brand's better, Brand's better"

Smith's contract could have been matched by ATl. LA has no recourse. Big difference. We would have not shot at Brand is we tried for Smith first, whereas we did vice versa.

Brand is a notch below Smith as a shot blocker, but is well above average at 2 per game and, from all accounts, is a superior man-to-man defender whereas Smith is not. We are taking the sure thing over potential.

Fair enough, but does Elton make us as good as Josh would have down the road? I'm not sure, but you hit the nail on the head with this quote, "Sure thing over potential".

That quote is going above my bed until I get Josh Smith off the mind.

I've gone back and forth between these two guys for a long time now. Part of me agrees with a lot of what you say here. Smith is younger, he's a dominant shot blocker, he's a freakish athlete. The one thing that Brand has in spades over Smith is an offensive game. The one thing the Sixers need, perhaps more than anything else, is a consistent way to score in the half-court offense. Brand gives you that, plus he's the complete package, able to defend big 4's, blocks shots, runs the floor, can step away from the hoop and hit mid-range jumpers.

Brand is just a stud, pure and simple. Put Josh Smith on the Sixers and if everything goes perfectly you might have a team that could defy traditional logic and dominate two or three years down the road. Then again, you might have a team that can jump out of the gym, but can't hit a jumper to save their lives. With Brand on this team, I think the Sixers have a legit shot at making the finals this year, maybe next. I think with a few tweaks we could be talking about a team that could challenge for a title.

I don't think the Achilles is a huge concern. It's an injury a lot of guys have come back from.

Who do you think will backup at center? Smith or Speights? Or someone else?

Probably Smith. I wouldn't be shocked if we see some small lineups with Brand at center, Thad at the 4, Iggy at the 3, Lou at the 2 and miller at the point.

this team is 50 wins and 2nd round playoff appearance, at best.

Better with Brand, but Brand is not exactly an uptempo player (like others have said).

Iggy is a high flyer, not a half court player. The immediate future hinges on the growth of Thad Young and how the team handles the point guard situation once Andre Miller is gone. With Brand signed for 5, it's key for the team to have a good distributor to get the ball to Brand in the post... otherwise, you become the eastern conference Clippers.

All in all... good deal. Doesn't put the team over the top, but puts them above Orlando likely into top 3 position so long as Cleveland doesn't get Maggette or dump their 4 expiring deals for a stud.

Joe reply to Boney on Jul 8 at 22:46

yawn. Our defense is better than yours now in Detroit.

The PG position is a concern...next year.

For this year, you've got a heady veteran at the point. A dominant veteran in the post, and three freakish athletes who are plus, plus defenders at the other three positions. I'd say that's going to be tough to contend with.

Year. I think Brand will see about 5-10 minutes a game at the Center position.

If we get a shooter, preferably two (right now we have absolutely none), we'll be a very good team.

Does anyone have a list of off the bench shooters available this summer? Kareem Rush? Eddie House? What is the probability iggy hits threes with more reliability now that he'll have more open looks? Does thad add the three to his repetoire this summer? I have to believe one of those two will start hitting threes on a more regular basis just for improvements sake.

Adding Brand should mean more open looks for everyone on the perimeter, which should mean higher percentages across the board from three. That being said, adding Brand alone isn't going to turn mediocre shooters into great shooters. Thad has a chance to be a good threat from deep, Iguodala could improve to the point where he's a legit threat. Everyone else, not so much. I don't think any of them are going to shoot 40%, a guy who's just a lights-out shooter is really needed. Rush would be a good thought. I don't care for House, just a personality thing with me. Quinn is a possibility. Maybe Carroll from the Bobcats, but he might be too expensive. He's a Philly guy, right? Maybe a hometown discount?

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 23:43

Yeah, Carroll's from Horsham.

Joe reply to Max on Jul 8 at 23:34

I have a feeling Brian will be making one. Just a hunch. I'll post a few I guess. Eddie House is too expensive. We need sub 2 million dollar a year players essentially. All we have is the vet minimum and one signing with the bi-annual as you said I believe.

Rush, Frahm, Pat Carroll, Chris Quinn, Steve Novak, Lue, Salim Stoudmire, Reddick, CJ Miles, Dickau, Diener amongst many others.

Max reply to Joe on Jul 8 at 23:42

Carroll intrigues me; as does Quinn. It's going to be interesting to see how the shooter things works out.

Love the signing, hate the trade.

Why trade a future 1st, Carney, and Booth for a future 2nd? I think Carney and Booth for a 2nd would have been feasible. I'm just not a fan of trading away draft picks if you don't have to.

Max reply to The GM on Jul 8 at 23:36

The 1st round pick they are sending to the wolves is Utah's pick they had the rights to from the Korver deal. Basically, it's a pick the wolves can use over the next few years (through 2012?). Because Utah has a good team; that pick will wind up being in the mid 20's. A team can buy their way into that portion of the draft nowadays with cash considerations. People keep making a big deal out of losing Carney and this pick. The gains of this signing far outweigh the loss of those two assets.

Look at it as Carney, Booth and a 1st rounder for Elton Brand and a 2nd rounder. That'll make it more palatable for you :)

Stefanski saw a window of opportunity, but he needed more cap space to make it happen quickly. He definitely overpaid for the needed cap space, but if that was the difference between landing Brand and not landing him, it was well worth it.

Actually, you can sum up Stefanski's moves to this point as such:

Traded Kyle Korver, Rodney Carney and Calvin Booth for Elton Brand and a second round pick.

How can you argue with that?

Joe reply to Brian on Jul 8 at 23:42

I still love what Minny got out of it.

They could now turn and deal Carney for another future first if they want.

Absolutely. They made the most out of the situation. Basically bent the Sixers over. Still, I say you have to do it if you're Stefanski.

Max reply to Joe on Jul 8 at 23:51

Actually the wolves have done well for themselves. McHale has proven two things recently. He is still good at helping Boston win titles. And he's done a good job getting rid of bad salaries. Now if they just hire someone else to spend the cap money he's building...Mchale is worse than Billy ever was at negotiating contracts.

Joe reply to The GM on Jul 8 at 23:36

Well, he had to clear money and he got it done. Was he going to get perfect value? No. Did he? No.

I am fine with it.

Rich reply to The GM on Jul 9 at 0:01

Also, with Brand and this team's prospects in the immediate future, that 1st Round pick will (probably) be in the latter picks in the 1st Round. We do play in the Eastern Conference, after all. Teams trade those type of picks away for cash considerations and lower picks all the time.

I still don't like trading picks either way.

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