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I don't think the luxury tax is an issue. Even if Iggy makes 14 per and Lou makes 7 per, which is ludicrous for both, they will still be 3.5 below the cap or so with their current roster and all they can sign really are nba minimum players.

Assuming Brand takes them up to the cap...nevermind. Nevermind, you're right. I wasn't taking the cap hold numbers into account. They should be fine.

I think the Wizards are so stupid though. I assume they lose Roger Mason as well.

I guess ownership is willing to overpay for 42-win seasons and no financial room for improvement.

I think a max deal for Arenas was absolutely insane.

I'd have to say it is a tie for the Warriors and Clippers.

Warriors get: Maggette and Turiaf possibly, lose Davis and Pietrus
Clippers get: Baron Davis, but lose Brand and Maggette

The only hope those teams have is to get either Josh Smith or Shawn Marion.

GState needs to re-sign Ellis as well.

Ellis and Biedrins. That team is going to wind up awfully expensive especially considering they only swapped Baron for Maggette. Still don't have a legit point, either.

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